And Some Investment Advice!

It appears that the Administrator of Crystal Investment (reviewed here) is a bit of a philosopher.  In the past few days two news updates have appeared on their website that are actually quite profound; they address some of the deeper issues that face us as human beings.  As you might expect, the “punch line” of each update is to invest with Crystal Investment.  However, whether one chooses to take this investment advice or not, I think that the philosophy that the Admin offers is worth anyone’s serious consideration.

I hope that the Admin will forgive me, but I took the liberty of cleaning up his grammar a little in an effort to clarify the points that I believe he is trying to make.

Here are the two updates.  I’ve put the philosophy in italics and left the investment advice alone.

The first update deals with the idea that there are always new opportunities in life waiting to be explored.


A fresh beginning can start today only if you can open your eyes to see opportunities that are begging for your action.

Failing is not a reason to treat yourself hard. Failure is just telling you that there are much and bigger things to do.

Call today a fresh day and forget your failed experiences. Don’t accept failure even before you fail like most people do. Keep your mind set on your ambitions and take a fresh step towards achieving them.

We are your best partner today on investments, start your investment journey today with us.

Thank you for believing in us; more fruitful days lie ahead.

Team crystalinvestment.

The second update is pretty deep and takes a shot at trying to nail down what “time” is — or isn’t…


The only thing that even science can’t change or stop is “Time”…

Time can’t be stopped.

Time can’t be reversed.

You can’t visit passed time.

You can’t visit future time.

Don’t missed this wonderful time of investing with crystalinvestment.Uk today.

We are transparent; we are real; we are here to serve you better.

Have a wonderful time out today.

Denis crystal


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