The analysis we made of the Elterro investment plan in Part 1 of this review was more thorough than usual.  However, we had no choice if we were to explain how the investment plan works in a more or less satisfactory manner.  The benefit of this, however, is that this rather thorough analysis might leave us with a little less to discuss in this Part 2 of the review…

So, let’s begin our discussion by reiterating our general observation about the investment plan which is that it is a unique one in that I have not yet seen another plan of this type.  The idea of enabling the investor to select the length of the plan is unusual.  However, on top of that, the idea of offering a higher interest rate as the selected length of the plan increases appears to be a first.  This will surely be an attractive incentive for investors to opt for longer-term versions of the investment plan.

A nice thing about the investment plan that we haven’t yet mentioned is that the investment limits do not change no matter how much you decide to invest.  This is another unusual feature of the investment plan as, typically, the investor would have to make a larger deposit in order to earn higher returns.

As I already indicated, in this investment plan, the incentive to earn higher returns is to commit your investment to a longer-term version of the investment plan.  In general, higher returns will always go along with higher risk in some way or other.

I’m going to repeat the chart we came up in Part 1 of the review giving DNIs for the different length versions of the investment plan:

Weeks in Plan             DNI

1                                  1.10%

2                                  1.15%

3                                  1.20%

4                                  1.25%

5                                  1.30%

6                                  1.35%

7                                  1.40%

8                                  1.45%

9                                  1.50%

10                                1.55%

In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs between 1% and 2% should have a better than average chance of long-term survival.  Well, the DNIs for all the version of the Elterro investment plan are in that “sweet spot.”  This range of DNIs also provides what we feel is a very satisfactory level of return.  For example, for the one-week version of the plan, a DNI of 1.1% leads to an average weekly return of 7.7% (1.1 x 7).  On the high end of the spectrum, the 1.55% DNI for the 10-week version of the plan leads to an average weekly return of 10.85% (1.55 x 7).

All of this is significant because, if the investor wishes, he can use the Elterro investment plan as a very short-term investment (only a week or two) and still earn an average of 7% or 8% per week.  As far as HYIPs go, this is a relatively low-risk venture.

Finally, we already noted when we analyzed the investment plan, that, since your investment isn’t returned to you until the plan ends, it works out that you will not break even until that time.  It looks like the plan was cleverly designed such that, even with the 10-week version of it, the daily interest payments will just enable a person to break even during the tenth week.  In all shorter versions of the plan, daily interest payments will not enable a person to break even until the plan ends and his investment is returned.  This might be the only shortcoming of the Elterro investment plan.  Plans such as this that do not return your investment until their conclusion inherently cause a bit of “nail biting” because the investor will constantly fear that the program will close before the plan he has invested with reaches its conclusion.


The Elterro online investment program offers a single very unique investment plan.  Returns are not tied to the amount invested and the investor can choose the length of the investment plan — anywhere from one to 10 weeks.  Finally, the longer the length of the plan, the higher the return — a definite incentive for the investor to opt for longer versions of the plan.  Returns are such that all versions of the investment plan are profitable but not so profitable that the survivability of the program would appear to be at unusual risk.  With wise management on the part of the program administrators, this program would appear to have the potential to be a long-term survivor.

I hope this information is helpful.


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