Before beginning our discussion of the CrystalIinvestment investment plans, let’s repeat the basic information about them as well as what we found out about them in Part 1 of this review:

Plan #1
5.4% daily for 26 calendar days
$10 – $1,000

Plan #2
7% daily for 20 working days
$50 – $1,500

Plan #3
8.2% daily for 15 working days
$100 – $25,000

Plan       DNI                        Calendar days to break even

#1           1.55%                    19 days
#2           1.43%                    20 days
#3           1.10%                    17 days

First, let’s enumerate a number of good points about this set of investment plans:

  1. As already indicated in our “First Thoughts” article, they all return your investment as part of your earnings. This is the best TYPE of investment plan because the portion of your investment that is at risk decreases dramatically every day.
  2. All of the investment plans are four weeks long or less. As far as online investment plans go, and given that so many of them close early nowadays, this is probably a sensible length for a plan.
  3. All of the plans break even in less than three weeks. For the same reason as stated in item 2, this is probably also a good idea.
  4. All of the investment plans have DNIs between 1% and 2%. This is probably a “sweet spot” where profit is good but the risk of the program closing prematurely is minimal.  Obviously, the higher the DNI, the greater the burden on a program to pay earnings that it might not be able to afford to sustain.  This is discussed in detail in HYIP Insights #12.

So, the program is on a fairly firm foundation.

In light of this, there are really no strongly bad points to make about the investment plans.  However, there are some confusing points that should be mentioned.

But, before we get into that, we must point out that the calculator in the website appears to give incorrect results.  The default setting is for a $100 investment in each of the investment plans.  The total gross interest for each of the plans for this amount should be:

Plan       Gross interest

#1           $140.40
#2           $140
#3           $123

The values for total gross interest given by the calculator are:

Plan       Gross interest

#1           $160
#2           $200
#3           $000

I think that the reason for this error is simply that the CrystalInvestment website is not quite complete; it is still under development.  It is probable that these errors will be straightened out in the near future.  You may even discover other small problems with the website.  As far as the calculator is concerned, simply ignore it and do your own calculations (as we do here!).  It wouldn’t hurt to bring these (and any other website problems that you encounter) to the attention of the program administrator.  That’s what we have done in the process of making this review.

The confusion comes about when trying to determine which investment plan is the best one.  First of all, since the minimum investments required are no higher than $100, let’s conclude that this factor need not be considered when trying to decide what plan is best.  Almost anyone that is serious about online investment can come up with $100.

Typically, among the investment plans that a program offers, the one with the highest DNI (the most profitable one) will have the highest minimum investment.  Well, the OPPOSITE is the case with the CrystalInvestment investment plans.  Plan #1, with a DNI of 1.55%, has a LOWER minimum investment than Plan #3, with a DNI of only 1.10%.  So, it would seem to make sense for the investor to choose Plan #1 (Plan #2 is in the middle somewhere).  The disadvantage of Plan #1 is that it is five days longer than Plan #3 (26 days vs. 21 days).  So, it is that much riskier.  In this regard, Plan #2 is the longest at 28 days.

So, as is often the case with online investment, the decision of which investment plan to choose will probably boil down to the temperament of the investor.  If a person feels confident that CrystalInvestment will be around for 26 days, he would probably opt for Plan #1.  If he is more conservative, he would probably opt for Plan #3.

I really don’t see where Plan #2 fits into the picture.  It is not as profitable as Plan #1 and it is also two days longer.  So, there would appear that it has nothing special to offer to the online investor.  The advantage of Plan #3 over Plan #1 is that it is five days shorter.

A minor note is that the maximum investment for Plan #1 is only $1,000.  If a person is interested in investing more than that in this plan, he can simply make multiple investments of this amount.  I didn’t specifically check this.  However, it is standard operating procedure for most HYIPs.

Earnings Examples.

Let’s assume an investment of $100 in each of the investment plans and see what happens in each case.

Plan #1 would pay you 5.4% or $5.40 every day.  You can see that, after 19 days, you would have earned $102.60 and would have broken even.  When the plan ends, after 26 days, you would have earned a total of $140.40, for a net profit of $40.40.

Plan #2 would pay you 7% or $7.00 per working day.  You can see that you will have earned $105 after 15 working days (20 calendar days) and will have broken even.  By the time the plan ends, after 20 working days (28 calendar days), you will have earned a total of $140, for a net profit of $40.

Plan #3 would pay you 8.2% or $8.20 per working day.  After 13 working days (17 calendar days), you will have earned $106.60 and you will have broken even.  Finally, after 15 working days (21 calendar days), when the plan ends, you will have earned a total of $123, for a net profit of $23.

Comparing Plans #1 and #2, there would appear to be no advantage to using Plan #2; it takes longer to earn the same return.  Comparing Plans #1 and #3, you can see that you earn 76% more with Plan #1 (40.4/23 = 1.76), but it takes five days longer to do so.


CrystalInvestment offers three investment plans that all pay a satisfactory return.  And, with sensible management practices by the program administrators, the program would appear to have a good chance of long-term survival.  Plan #2 does not appear have any advantage.  The choice between Plan #1 and Plan #3 will probably depend on the temperament of the investor.

I hope this information is helpful.


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