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Only 50 Days Left for Grailum Coin Sale.

It looks like there are only 50 days remaining during which you will be able to purchase the new GXM coin available from Grailum.  You will remember that Grailum is the parent company for BitBoots (reviewed here), one of the more long-lived investment programs listed on the EmilyNews monitor.  In a few days, Grailum plans to begin a very aggressive marketing campaign for GXM.  They just published an update on this and it looks like they are are already making significant progress with this campaign.  The point of the update is not only to report on this progress, it also urges interested investors to acquire the GXM coin before this marketing program gets seriously underway and, especially, while the coin is still available for sale from Grailum  Apparently, in 50 days, when the coin is scheduled to be listed on public exchanges, it will no longer be available for purchase and its price will float as does that of other coins.

Candidly, I am skeptical of new coin ICOs.  However, this one seems to be especially well-thought-out and might be worth considering.  So, it could be worth your while to do some homework and learn more about Grailum and the GXM coin.  There is a lot of information on their website.  Of course, you must be the judge.

Here’s the update from Grailum…

Aggressive Marketing!

Grailum coin news

With just 50 days left of our coin sale, Grailum coin kicks in on aggressive marketing blowing out a 80 BTC campaign on every corner of the ICO marked.

First step was to establish social network and get noticed what we sure did by now.

After a week the most noticeable numbers looks like this

  • Telegram Channel  subscribers are 35,137+ and counting
  • Telegram Group  subscribers are 2,974+ and counting
  • Instagram Followers are28,400 + and counting
  • Facebook Followers are 11,764+ and counting
  • Twitter Followers are 7,072+ and counting

Telegram live chat we have hired 3 English, 1 Russian and one Chinese speaking supporter ready to take your question.

10 videos are in production and will soon be available on our YouTube channel.

In just a few days Grailum coin get listed on 50 top ICO list sites to spread the words. We have full support from all the admins and will be heavily covered and promoted by direct email and banner ads. We will add a new page with the full collection soon all listings are completed.

Make sure you get hold on your coins before sale really kick in in a few days


You can view the live numbers on this site what is update regularly with last numbers. (COIN SALE LIVE)

  • Soft cap goal: 500,000 USD(reached)
  • Hard cap goal 5,600,000 USD
  • Sold coins: 3,430,000 GXM
  • Left for sale: 24,570,00 GXM

Best regards,
Grailum Lab Limited
Grailum Limited (UK)


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