The ICWorking Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about ICWorking, we provided a fairly complete summary of the company’s five investment plans.  In the way of an introduction to this review, I’ll repeat that summary here…

For the investor, ICWorking offers five different investment plans.  They form a very logical set of plans that are very easy to understand.  Specifically, the plans are 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150 CALENDAR days’ long (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 months’ long) and they pay 0.8%, 0.9%, 1.0%, 1.1%, and 1.2% interest per BUSINESS day, respectively.  So, you can see that there might be some confusion between calendar days and business days.  However, if you are aware of this possible pitfall, it is very easy to take care of it.  All of the plans return your investment at their conclusion.  So, this tells you that, assuming a plan survives until its conclusion, the interest that it pays you will be your net profit.  One final point is that the minimum investment for all the plans is only $10.  So, all are equally affordable to the online investor.  You can see that the higher interest plans are the ones with the longer terms.  So, this is the balance between profitability and risk — that always occurs in the HYIP industry.

Now, let’s expand on this information by providing all the information for each of the five ICWorking investment plans as it is given in the website.

Plan #1
30 calendar days long
0.8% per business day

Pan #2
60 calendar days long
0.9% per business day

Plan #3
90 calendar days long
1.0% per business day

Plan #4
120 calendar days long
1.1% per business day

Plan #5
150 calendar days long
1.2% per business day

Analysis of the ICWorking Investment Plans.

As we pointed out in the First Thoughts article, the ICWorking investment plans might be confusing because they simultaneously deal with both calendar days and with business days.  For example, Plan #1 is 30 calendar days long but it only pays you a return on business days.  There are typically 22 business days per month. So, for this plan, you would receive a return 22 times.

This implies a conversion factor.  If you multiply the number of calendar days in each of the plans by 22/30, you will get the number of business days in each of them.  Here’s the result:

Plan     Calendar Days             Business Days

#1        30                                22
#2        60                                44
#3        90                                66
#4        120                              88
#5        150                              110

This information will help us out with a number of issues that will come up in our analysis on the investment plans.

Since these investment plans don’t return your investment until the end of the plan, you will want to know whether or not you will break even before then.  Let’s do a spot check; I don’t think you will.

For Plan #1, you will receive 22 payments of 0.8% for a total of 17.6%.  That’s a long way from breaking even.  How about Plan #5, the most lucrative longest-term plan?  In this case you will receive 110 payments of 1.2% or a total of 132%.  So, this plan WILL break even before it ends.  Next divide 100% by 1.2% to find out exactly how many business days it will take the plan to break even.  The result is 83.33 business days.  Finally, multiplying by the 30/22 conversion factor, you get that this plan breaks even in around 114 calendar days.  If you do these same calculations for the other plans, you get the following results:

Plan     Days to Break Even

#1        30
#2        60
#3        90
#4        120
#5        114

So, only Plan #5 breaks even before the plan ends.  For Plans #1 through #4, you have to wait until your investment is returned at the end of the plan before you break even.

Next, let’s take a look at how profitable the plans are.  For the ICWorking investment plans, we already pointed out that, since the plans all return your investment when they end, your daily earnings can be considered to be your net profit.  This assumes that the program will survive until all the programs end.  This is actually a big assumption given that the ICWorking investment plans can be a s long as 150 calendar days (five months).  But, with this caution in mind, we’ll make that assumption in an effort to keep this analysis understandable.

Let’s start with Plan #1.  In this plan, your total gross earnings will equal the daily gross return of 0.8% times the 22 business day length of the plan.  The result will be 17.60%.   When talking about profitability of an investment plan, we first determine its DNI.  This is the average daily net interest that it will pay you.  It is very important to note that this quantity is based on CALENDAR days.  So, for Plan #1, to get its DNI, we must divide the total gross return of 17.60% by the 30 calendar day length of the plan.  The result is 0.59%.  If you repeat this arithmetic for the other four ICWorking investment plans, you get the following results:

Plan     DNI

#1        0.59%
#2        0.66%
#3        0.73%
#4        0.81%
#5        0.88%

OK, we’ve determined a LOT of numbers for the ICWorking investment plans.  In Part 2 of this review, we’ll take a close look at these data in an effort to nail down the pros and cons of this investment program.  Please stand by.  Part 2 should be ready within a day or two.


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