7.3% Per Day Forever!

It looks like Zonders (reviewed here) has silently introduced a new investment plan.  It shows up on their list of investment plans and also has a separate listing that you can access by means of the “Zonders Bot Plan” tab at the far right of their main menu tabs.  It’s a very lucrative plan that pays you 7.3% interest per day — forever.  It’s an example of what we refer to as a “perpetual” investment plan.  This, of course, is the way a normal bank savings account operates.  However, in that case we are talking about MUCH smaller interests.

If you divide 100% by 7.3%, you see that the new investment plan will break even in only 14 days — two weeks.  After that, you will continue to receive a very cool 7.3% of your investment — forever.  The hang-up with this investment plan is the very high minimum investment requirement of $20,000.  For this amount, the daily return will be $1,460. This translates to a weekly income of over $10,000.  And that comes to over a half million dollars per year!

Do you really think this is possible?  Well, first of all, we always discourage our readers from investing large sums of money with ANY online investment company unless they can provide proof that they do, indeed, exist and that they have a track record of payments comparable to your neighborhood bank or a corporation from whom you might want to buy stock shares. If you feel comfortable in this regard, perhaps this might be the “deal of a lifetime.”

In HYIP Insights #12, we also caution our readers against getting involved with programs offering investment plans that have average daily net interests that are greater than 2% because we feel that it is unlikely that such programs will be able to survive in the long term.  This is only our suggestion.  However, an investment plan such as this which offers a “perpetual” return that is MUCH higher than this suggestion is reason to be extra careful before getting involved.

All this is the information.  You will have to be the judge…

Here’s the full description of this investment plan as it appears on the Zonders website:


The team of developers Zonders launched a unique innovative trading bot with a lossless strategy and unlimited operational time.

One of the main tasks of our company’s activity is the search of new technological solutions for trading process automation and provision of stable and high revenue for a company and investors in a long-term outlook. From the first days, we were dynamically working in this direction, today we are glad to present results of our activity.

The team of developers Zonders created an absolutely unique and innovative bot, which is totally automated and has a lossless strategy in its base.

We managed to unite powerful trading algorithms with pre-defined profit margins. LONG and SHORT link of strategies, created by us, is a loss-free – in case of a price drop, the bot is purchasing assets in part, and then sell everything when the price is rising (profit is moved out on investor’s account), and buy the sold items upon the next price drop. Then again it sells on the increase and provides the constant profit to the deposit.

The developers Zonders calculated the optimum size of profit 7.3%, which guarantees the stable income during a long-term time frame, and developed program algorithms in a way, that automatic issue of orders on the exchange is calculated on the basis of this percentage.

The program is conducting 24/7 monitoring, makes schedule analysis for repeated models and can predict trend lines. The investment strategies, created by our experience traders allow bot to operate diverse assets – that provides a stable proficit with regard to high state of flux of some goods.

The trading bot was totally tested by our company on several trading platforms for the 5-month period and demonstrated consistent automated work and stable profitability in calculated measurements.

We are glad to inform you, that the company Zonders is ready to provide an opportunity for the investors to get a lifelong revenue, using our unique innovative trading bot.

For our VIP investors we open a new termless investment plan «ZONDERS SPECIAL».

Every user gets a unique individual trading bot with parameters of his investments upon joining. Moreover, a high-qualified specialist of the company Zonders is provided for every user of the investment plan «ZONDERS SPECIAL». This specialist is going to supervise bot’s activity and controls the stable calculation of your profit.


Payments – on a daily basis
Term – termless
Profit – 7.3% a day on a LIFELONG basis
Amount limit – 20000$ – 100000$
Deposit body – works in the system without time limits.

*The offer is limited.

You can use a unique chance to invest in your future by the single deposit!

Join the successful team Zonders, choose «ZONDERS SPECIAL» and automate lifelong increase of your welfare. Make money here and now with Zonders!


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