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To make matters simpler, let’s begin by repeating the basic information for all three of the Albiton investment plans as well as what we found out about them in Part 1 of this review.  Remember that all of the plans are 40 days long, pay interest daily, and return your investment as part of your earnings.

Standard Plan
4% per day
$20 – $5,000
Break even = 25 days
DNI = 1.5%

Advanced Plan
6% per day
$5,001 – $25,000
Break even = 17 days
DNI = 3.5%

Premium Plan
8% per day
$25,001 – $50,000
Break even = 13 days
DNI = 5.5%

As we indicated in our “First Thoughts” article about Albiton, these are the best TYPES of investment plans because they return your investment as part of your earnings.  In this manner, the portion of your investment that is at risk decreases very quickly as the days go by.

Looking at breakeven points, all three of the Albiton investment plans break even in 25 days or less.  And, of course, in light of what I just indicated, it follows that you will have received half your investment back in half of that time.  In HYIP Insights #21, we indicated that these are some of the features to look for when choosing an online investment program.

The Albiton investment plans are all quite lucrative.  Multiplying their DNIs by seven, you get the following average weekly profits that each of them will pay you.

Plan                       Weekly profit

Standard              10.5%
Advanced            24.5%
Premium             38.5%

In HYIP Insights #23 we suggested that a person should aim at programs offering investment plans having weekly profits between 5% and 15%.  Our feeling is that this is a good compromise between profitability and risk.  Obviously, the higher the returns that an investment plan pays you, the higher the risk involved.  Clearly, the Advanced and Premium plans are significantly higher than this recommendation and these plans could possibly put the survivability of the program into doubt.  However, it is very important to note that the minimum investments for these two plans are $5,000 and $25,000 respectively.  So, the number of users of these two plans will be minimal.  This will greatly ease the potential burden on the company in-so-far-as making the payment of high returns is concerned.  So, the program is well-designed from this point of view, the high minimum investments minimizing the use of the higher interest investment plans.  In fact, generally speaking, we at EmilyNews recommend that a person NOT invest large sums of money in ANY online investment program (unless it can positively prove its existence and can demonstrate a long-term record of making reliable payments to its investors).

Another way to approach this is to take a look at the DNIs of the investment plans.  It really amounts to the same thing as we just did.  However, for what it’s worth, in HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans with DNIs higher that 2% might have a relatively poor chance of long-term survival.  Again, we see that the Advanced and Premium Plans are in that category.  And, still again, we recognize that the high minimum investments required by these two plans will probably minimize their use and thereby protect the overall program.  This is essentially what we said in the previous paragraph, but from the point of view of risk rather than profitability.

You will obviously notice that we often refer to back issues of HYIP Insights.  Almost all issues contain articles that we believe are timeless that we believe will be of interest to the HYIP investor.  Take a look at some of them from time to time.  We don’t pretend to have all the answers.  However, you might pick up a tidbit of wisdom from some of them…

Earnings Examples.

Let’s assume an investment of $100 in the Standard Plan.  This will be a very easy one to figure out.  Every day you will receive 4% of this or $4 and, after 25 days, you will have received $100 and will have broken even.  The remaining 15 days of the plan you will be earning “pure” profit which will amount to $60.  So, by the end of the 40-day investment period, you will have received a total of $160 (again, $60 of which is profit).  Not a bad level of profit for less than seven weeks’ time.

But, if you think that plan is profitable, let’s daydream a little and see what would happen with an imaginary investment of $25,000 (actually $25,001) in the Premium Plan.  In this case you earn 8% per day or $2,000 (.08 x 25,000).  After 13 days you will have earned $26,000 (13 x 2,000) and you will have broken even.  Finally, by the end of the 40-day period, you will have earned a total of $80,000 (40 x 2,000).  Your profit would be a very cool $55,000 (80,000 – 25,000).  Realistically, I don’t think that anyone will take a chance on using this plan.  However, the numbers are certainly enticing!


The Albiton online investment program offers three investment plans.  All of them are well-designed and easy to understand.  However, due to the high minimum investments that are required, the two plans paying the higher interests will probably be unaffordable by the average online investor.  However, even the lowest interest investment plan offered by Albiton is highly lucrative and it will probably become the most widely-used plan.  This, in turn, will minimize the obligation of the company to pay high interest returns and will improve its chances for long-term survival.

I hope this information is helpful.


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