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The BTraders Investment Plans.

We just received a brief update from BTraders informing us that they have changed the look of their website as well as their investment plan offerings.  So, as far as the online investor is concerned, it is pretty much a new program.  This means that a second review of the program’s investment plans is in order and that’s what we’ll do here.  Like previously, BTraders offers three investment plans.  Some of them are the same types of plans as the previous ones.  However, percentages and/or lengths of the plans have been changed such that the new package of plans appears to be significantly more lucrative.  We’ll verify that shortly in this review.  Here’s the information on the three new BTraders investment plans as given in the website:

Basic Plan
5% daily for 30 days
$10 – $199
Principal Included

BTraders Plan
7% daily for 22 days
$200 – $10,000
Principal Included

Profit Booster Plan
110% after 5 days
$10 – $1,000
(deposit from internal balance)

This third plan might need some clarification.  The way I understand it, you cannot put “new” money into this plan.  As the note states, your deposit must come from earnings from other investment plans.  I guess that you could reinvest earnings from this plan as well.

Analysis of the BTraders Investment plans.

Let’s first determine how long it takes each of the plans to break even.  For the Basic Plan, dividing 100% by the 5% gross daily profit that the plan pays, you can see that it takes 20 days for you to recover your investment.  During the remaining 10 days of the plan, you are earning “pure” profit.  Doing the same arithmetic for the BTraders Plan, you find that it takes around 15 days for you to break even.  So, during the remaining seven days of the plan you are making “pure” profit.  Finally, for the Profit Booster Plan, since you don’t receive anything until the plan ends after 10 days, that’s when you will break even.  In summary,

Plan                                       Days to Break Even

Basic                                      20
BTraders                                15
Profit Booster                         10

Now, let’s determine the average daily net interest (DNI) that each of these investment plans pay you.  For the Basic Plan, the total gross interest that you receive equals the daily gross interest of 5% times the 30-day length of the plan, or 150%.  The total net interest (your total profit) will be 100% less than this since this figure includes your investment.  So, this would be 50%.  If you divide this by the 30-day length of the investment plan, you get a DNI of around 1.67%.  Doing the same arithmetic for the BTraders Plan, you get a DNI of 2.45%.  Finally, for the Profit Booster Plan, it is easy to see that the total net interest for the plan will be 10%.  If you divide this by the five-day length of the plan, you get a DNI of exactly 2%.  In Summary, we have the following results:

Plan                                       DNI

Basic                                      1.67%
BTraders                                2.45%
Profit Booster                         2.00%

In the previous set of three investment plans, the two that might be comparable to the first two of the new plans had DNIs of 1% and 1.5%.  Previously there was a plan that looks the same as the Profit Booster Plan.  It had a DNI of 1%.  So, clearly, all of the new plans are considerably more profitable than the previous ones.

In Part 2 of this review, we’ll discuss what we have found out so far and try to determine the pros and cons of this new set of investment plans from BTraders.  Please stand by…


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