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The Bitwex Investment Plans.

Bitwex offers three easy-to-understand investment plans.  In our recent “First Thoughts” article about Bitwex, we introduced the plans in the following way:

They all provide a daily return that includes your investment as part of it.  The lengths of the plans vary from a maximum of 60 days to a minimum of 12 days and the gross daily interest returns vary from a minimum of 3% for the longest-term plan to a maximum of 10% for the shortest-term plan.  So, it looks like there might be something for almost all types of investors — from those looking for a modest more long-term investment plan to those looking for a shorter-term more lucrative plan.  A quick mental calculation tells me that the plans are sufficiently profitable to be attractive to almost all online investors — but not so profitable that it would appear to be impossible for the program to survive in the long term.  We’ll take a closer look at the three Bitwex investment plans when we review the program.  The review should be complete within the next day of two.  Please stand by…

Here’s the important information for the three Bitwex investment plans from the company website:

3%/day for 60 days
$30 – $5,000

6%/day for 25 days
$250 – $1,000,000

10%/day for 12 days
$500 – $50,000

Analysis of the Bitwex Investment Plans.

First of all, a quick comment concerning the maximum permissible investments in the various plans.  I don’t think that these amounts should be taken seriously.  As a rule, we do NOT recommend that the investor put a lot of money into ANY online investment program unless the program can prove that it has a reputation equivalent to a company offering stock shares listed on a major exchange or even to a bank.  HYIPs of this quality are few and far between.  Perhaps there is NO such animal at all.  It is wisest to treat investment with HYIPs as a game rather than as a serious source of long-term income.  We wrote an article about this in HYIP Insights #4 that you can read here.

All this is not to detract from Bitwex; my remarks in the preceding paragraph apply to ANY online investment program.

OK, all this said, let’s talk about the Bitwex investment plans.  When analyzing such plans, there are two items that we determine: breakeven points and the average daily net interest (DNI) that the plans pay.

Remember that DNI is the total net interest or profit that you earn from a company divided by the number of days in the investment plan.  As we all know, in an online investment plan, your profit is zero until you break even.  But, after that, your entire return is pure profit.  DNI averages this profit out over the entire length of the investment plan.  So, DNI is a great way to compare one investment plan with another as it combines the effects of BOTH interest rate and duration of the plan.  If you look at the three Bitwex investment plans, can you tell which one is really the most profitable?  I doubt it.  This information is camouflaged.  DNI removes this camouflage!  You are faced with the same dilemma when you look at any set of investment plans or when you compare the investment plans of one HYIP with those of another.

I’m rambling again.  Let’s get to work…

First, let’s determine the breakeven points for the three Bitwex investment plans.  This is very simple to do.  You simply divide 100% by the daily gross interest that the plan pays.  As an example, for the Starter Plan, you divide 100% by 3% to get that the plan breaks even in 34 days.  If you do the same arithmetic, you get the following breakeven points for the other two plans:

Plan                       Days to Break Even
Starter                   34
Pro                        17
Gold                      10

To determine DNI, you must first determine the total gross interest that you receive from an investment plan.  That equals the daily gross interest multiplied by the number of days in the plan.  For the Starter plan, you multiply 3% by 60 days to get 180%.  Since this is GROSS interest and includes your investment, you must subtract 100% to get the total NET interest which, in this case, will be 80%.  Finally, dividing 80% by 60 days, you get 1.33%, the average daily net interest or DNI for the investment plan.  Again, if you do this same arithmetic for the other two investment plans, you will get the following results:

Plan                       DNI
Starter                   1.33%
Pro                         2.00%
Gold                       1.67%

Do you notice anything unusual here?  You should!  We’ll discuss the results of this analysis of the Bitwex investment plans in Part 2 of the review.  In Part 2 we will also work a few examples of earnings for the Bitwex investment plans as well as try to determine their pros and cons.  Part 2 should be ready for publication in a day or two.  Please stand by…


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