And One Previous Plan Deleted.

Tophats (reviewed here) just announced some major changes in the selection of investment plans that they offer.  As you may recall, they initially offered two plans as follows:

2.5% per day for 60 days

3.0% per day for 50 days

An interesting thing about these plans was that the total gross interest that they paid was 150% in both cases — a 50% net profit.

The announcement indicates that they are discontinuing the 2.5% plan, but are adding two additional higher interest shorter term plans in its place.  The new investment plans are as follows:

5% per day for 50 days

7% per day for 22 days

Again, the total gross interest for both these plans is 150% (154% for the 7% plan) — a 50% net profit (54% for the 7% plan).

These changes in the Tophats investment program deserve more attention and, for this reason, we tentatively plan to do a second review of the program in the near future.  So, you might want to regard this blog article as a sort of “First Thoughts” article about what is essentially a new program.

Here’s the announcement from Tophats

New investment plans added!

We want to traditionally welcome all loyal customers of Tophats Farms as well as new investors who have recently joined Tophats Farms platform. As we have repeatedly stated, the main goal of our company is continuous development and the maximum meet of customers requirements. We are trying to be arranged under each of you and constantly listen to your suggestions and requests.

Today we are glad to present you two new investment packages — 5% daily for 30 days and 7% daily for 22 days. It involves the same total return of 150% (154% for 7% daily plan). We didn’t change any other terms — you can invest any amount in the range of $50 to $10,000 and withdraw at any time once your balance reached $1 or more. This innovation was made possible by the rapid growth of attracted investments — to date, the total deposit of our investors is nearly $100K. Hope, you agree that this is a great result of the platform. Be with us, follow us on social media and stay tuned! Have a good week ahead!

We are closing the 2.5% for 60 days plan from today on — earnings still active for investors who have invested in the plan until their contract expires.


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