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The Xorrtos Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article about Xorrtos that appeared in the EmilyNews blog a few days ago, we made a number of general comments about the online investment plans that the company offers.  In the way of am introduction, I’ll repeat that information here…

Xorrtos offers a total of six investment plans.  The first four pay interest on a daily basis (actually the fourth plan pays interest every five days — which isn’t a very important difference) and the last two pay all your interest as well as return your investment at end of a plan.  Concerning the first four plans that pay interest daily, the first, second, and fourth return your investment at the end of a plan while the third returns it as part of your earnings.  The percent interests for each plan that are given on the home page are the gross profits that the plans pay (you must subtract 100% from them to get your “pure” or net profit).  Looking at these plans can be confusing as there is a mix of three different approaches.   This is something that we will sort out when we review the program in a few days from now.  Please stand by for more information from us on this rather unique program.

This really doesn’t tell us too much about the details of the Xorrtos investment plans.  In order to get that information, you have to visit the home page of the website and, to determine the minimum required investment for each investment plan, you have to check the calculator where the minimum will appear when you select a specific plan.  Let’s begin our discussion by referring to the calculator and writing down everything that we can find out about each of the six investment plans.  Here we go:

Plan #1
166.5% total gross interest
1.9% daily for 35 days
$10 minimum investment
Investment returned at end of plan

Plan #2
180% total gross interest
2% daily for 40 days
$150 minimum investment
Investment returned at end of plan

Plan #3
150% total gross interest
5% daily for 30 days
$20 minimum investment
Investment returned as part of your earnings

Plan #4
155% total gross interest
11% every 5 days for 25 days
$1,000 minimum investment
Investment returned at end of plan

Plan #5
210% total gross interest after 21 days
$2,100 minimum investment

Plan #6
400% total gross interest after 50 days
$50 minimum investment

Analysis of the Xorrtos Investment Plans.

First of all, for all of the plans, since you are given the total gross interest, all that you have to do to get the total net interest is to subtract 100% from this.  Easy to do.

Let’s begin by taking a close look at Plans #1 and #2.  They are pretty much the same.  In Plan #1, notice that if you multiply the daily return of 1.9% by the 35 days in the plan, you will get the amount that the total gross interest is in excess of 100%.  This, of course, is your total net interest.  In this case it is 66.5%.  So, by the end of the plan, you will have gradually recovered 66.5% of your investment, but you will not have broken even.  You break even after your investment is returned to you when the plan ends, in this case, after 35 days.  Assuming the program survives until the plan ends and you get your investment back, this 1.9% return becomes your daily profit or what we refer to as daily net interest (DNI).  So, for Plan #1, the DNI is 1.9%.  The same situation occurs for Plan #2 where you will recover 80% of your investment by the time the plan ends after 40 days and the DNI is 2%.

Let’s skip Plan #3 for a minute and move on to Plan #4 as it is almost the same as the first two plans except that it only pays you interest every 5 days instead of daily.  We can actually make it exactly the same as the first two plans by dividing the given interest rate of 11% by 5 to get a theoretical daily interest rate of 2.2%.  That way it is easy to compare to the first two plans.  So, keeping in mind that we have made this change, Plan #4 will have you recovering 55% of your investment by the time the plan ends with the plan paying a DNI of 2.2%.  When the plan ends, like Plans #1 and #2, your investment will be returned.

Now let’s look at Plan #3.  This investment plan is different from the previous three in that it doesn’t return a person’s investment when it ends.  It is returned as part of the investor’s earnings.  You can see that earning 5% daily for 30 days gives the plan 150% total gross interest — and a total net interest of 50%.  If you divide the 50% by the 30-day length of the plan, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of 1.67%.  How long will it take this plan to break even?  Divide 100% by the 5% daily gross interest to get 20 days.

Finally, let’s tale a look at the two plans that don’t pay you your earnings or return your investment until they end.  Needless to say, in both these plans you don’t break even until a plan ends.  For Plan #5, that pays 210% after 21 days, your total net profit will be 100% less than this or 110%.  If you divide this by the 21-day length of the plan, you come up with a DNI of around 5.24%.  Similarly, for Plan #6, you can come up with a DNI of exactly 6%.

I think that this takes care of all the background information we will need in order to be able to intelligently discuss the pros and cons of the Xorrtos investment program.  This is what we’ll do in Part 2 of this review which should be available for you to read a few days from now.  Please stand by.


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