OK, in Part 1 of this review, we assembled all the facts about the three LedGeneration investment plans.  Now, let’s discuss their pros and cons.  For the sake of review, I’m going to repeat what we found out about these plans from Part 1.  Remember that all of the plans are 180 business days long (246 calendar days) and that they return half of your investment at the end of a plan.

Here are the plans:

Cold Plan
1.45% daily
$10 – $999

Warm Plan
1.65% daily
$1,000 – $9,999

1.85% daily
$10,000 – $50,000

Here are the breakeven points:

(Correction to LedGeneration Review)

Plan                 Break Even (calendar days)
Cold                 90
Warm              83
Hot                   74

Here are the DNIs:

Plan                 DNI
Cold                 0.86%
Warm              1.01%
Hot                  1.16%

First of all, let’s take a look at the minimum investments that the plans require.  This immediately draws our attention to the Hot Plan that requires a minimum of $10,000.  We never recommend investing this much money in ANY online investment plan unless it can prove to the investor that the company really exists and that they have a track record of performance that merits this level of commitment by the investor.  Few, if any, HYIPs are in this category.  You can draw your own conclusions in the case of LedGeneration.  That leaves us with only two plans to consider, the Cold and Warm Plans.

Related to this is the fact that these are very long-term investment plans — 246 calendar days.  This is around eight months.  In long-term plans such as these, the investor has to convince himself that the program will be around until the conclusion of the plan.  This, again, depends on what you think of the company that supposedly is offering the investment plans.  You might remember that, in HYIP Insights #6, we referred to the information that a website gives about the company it represents as the “Legend” of the company.  Does it make sense to you?  Do you feel that you want to risk your hard-earned money with them with the hope that you will come out ahead — maybe way ahead?

In the case of the LedGeneration investment plans, half of your investment is withheld until the investment plan ends.  It is at risk for eight months.  Although you will break even before the end of any of the LedGeneration investment plans before that time, it is still at risk.  The worst type of investment plan withholds your entire investment until the plan ends.  The best returns all of your investment as part of your earnings.  These plans are in the middle, exactly in the middle, withholding half of your investment until a plan ends.

These are all long-term investment plans.  The Cold and Warm Plans (the only two that we recommend considering) take around three months (out of a total of eight) to break even.  This is a long time in the HYIP industry.  However, to its credit, LedGeneration has been online for much longer than that already.  So, the LedGeneration investment plans do, indeed, have the potential to be dependable sources of income in the relatively long term.  So, you might say that for three months the investor will bite his nails hoping the program will survive.  Then for the remaining five months he will smile as the profits roll in.  Finally, when all is said and done, he will get 50% of his investment back.  Not a bad deal at all — IF the program is around eight months later.

How profitable are these investment plans?  With DNIs of around 1%, you average 7% or so pure profit per week (assuming that the program survives until an investment plan ends) over the course of the plan. This will be acceptable to the conservative investor, but perhaps not to the more adventuresome one.  The flip side of the coin is that this modest (sensible!) return will improve the possibility that the LedGeneration program will survive in the long term.  And, of course, this is what we hope for in long-term investment plans such as LedGeneration offers.  All of this is explained in detail in HYIP Insights #12 where we suggested that programs offering investment plans with DNIs of 1% or less are likely to have a high chance of long-term survivability.


The LedGeneration investment program offers three investment plans, two of which are probably within the reach of the typical online investor.  They are long-term investment plans that might appeal to the conservative investor that believes the program will be a long-term survivor.  The more adventuresome investor seeking quick profits will likely not be attracted to this program.

LedGeneration – Review #2


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