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TY Capital (reviewed here) would like to improve their website presentation and is asking for your input on how best to do it.  In the way of a review, TY Capital has been online for almost two months.  We reviewed the program in mid-September.  In the “Conclusions” section of our review, we summed up our thoughts on the program in the following way:

TY Capital offers a single investment plan that pays a variable daily interest rate which depends on company earnings.  The plan ends when the investor has received a gross return of 150%.  Based on the history of returns that the company has paid thus far, this investment plan would be classed as a very conservative one with a good chance of long-term survival.  It might not appeal to the more adventuresome investor.

So, as we suggested might happen in our review, TY Capital appears to be chugging along.  Their request for input on improvements to their website would appear to indicate that they intend to keep on chugging along for a long time to come.  Time will tell if I’m right on this.

Here’s the announcement from TY Capital asking for your input…

What tools do you want to see on the site?

Voting until November 25th. You can vote on the official Facebook page.

1) Communication:
1.1 Forum
1.2 Online chat
1.3 Ticket system

2) Trading statistics
2.1 Weekly Trading Reports
2.2 Section with cryptocurrency forecasts from our analysts
2.3 Trading schemes

3) Affiliate section
3.1 Landing page
3.2 Ability to do newsletters

4) Safety
4.1 Connecting an account with Facebook
4.2 Connecting an account with a phone number

Yours sincerely, TY Capital Investment team.


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