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We recently received an email from BitGainex (reviewed here) giving us their suggestions as to how it is possible for a person to develop a downline with them — without investing anything.  There are four steps to the procedure they recommend.  However, if you look over the BitGainex recommendations, you might even think of ways in which they can be modified to suit your own temperament and style.  There isn’t much I can add to what was said in their email.  So, I will simply repeat it below.

Learn how to start making money with Bitgainex without making any investments, just by following 4 simple steps

As you may already know, Bitgainex offers a solid referral program that can help you easily acquire a big source of recurring revenue, averaging an income of $300 from one active partner.

But where should you start?

We prepared a short four-step instruction, following which you can get you first earnings as soon as today.

Let’s get started!  

Step 1. Invite your friends 

This step is the simplest one, and can be completed in no longer than 30 seconds!

In order to invite friends just go to your partner’s account page, and email all your friends, sharing your affiliate link via all social networks you had joined.

Step 2. Add one of Bitgainex banners to your site 

This will take but a minute. Choose a Bitgainex banner in our “promo section” and add it to your site or blog. Your referral link is already embedded into the banner, all you need to do is paste its code.

Step 3. Film a video review and post it on your Youtube channel 

Tell your subscribers about Bitgainex, adding your referral link to the video description, and see the results shortly!

We have provided you with several videos about Bitgainex linked below. Some of these videos have already made significant revenue for their owners, and we are sure yours will be just as yielding.

Step 4. Write a review of Bitgainex and post in to your blog

This is one of the more complex, yet efficient ways. Making a one-time investment of your time into writing and publishing a review, you will gain an asset that will continuously yield partners and revenue. A good reason to consider it!

We wish you high revenues!
Sincerely yours,
Bitgainex team.


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