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In Part 1 of this review (that you can read here) we made a number of assumptions that enabled us to reduce the array of options in the BitGainex investment plan down to three.  These assumptions were based on the type of investment plan that we thought the typical online investor would be most interested in.  Here are the assumptions that we made:

First, the base earnings of the program can vary from 1.1% to 1.2% per day.  Let’s take the worst-case scenario — 1.1%.  The idea is that the results we come up with will be safe.

Second, let’s assume that you opt into the BitNode option.  This painlessly adds 0.2% to your daily earnings.  However, before doing this, I would double check with BitGainex to be sure that allowing this function to have access to your computer does not provide any threat to it at all.  We have not done this.

Third, let’s assume that your investment is between $300 and $1,000.  Although this might be high for some investors, many can afford it.  This will give you a 0.1% bonus.  If this level of investment is beyond your reach, please keep it in mind when we start calculating results for all this.

Fourth and final, we will let the investment period “float.”  By that I mean that we will determine results for all three bonus possibilities for length of investment term: zero for 90 days, 0.1% for 180 days, and 0.2% for 360 days.

Here are the three investment options (you could call them plans; BitGainex calls them tasks) that come about as a result of these assumptions:

#1.  1.4% per day for 90 days
#2.  1.5% per day for 180 days
#3.  1.6% per day for 360 days

We then pointed out that, since BitGainex returns your deposit to you at the end of the investment plan, these percents are really pure profit (or DNI) — assuming that the program doesn’t close before the end of the term of the investment plan.

Finally, we determined the following breakeven points for these three options:

#1.  72 days
#2.  67 days
#3.  63 days

Now, let’s get to work and see what’s good and bad about all this…

BitGainex is a long-term program with term choices of 90, 180, and 360 days.  When investing in a program such as this, the investor would like to have reasonable confidence that the program will survive for the entire duration of the plan he is investing in.  This is especially true with BitGainex as your investment is returned at the END of the investment plan — rather than the preferable way which is as part of your earnings over the course of the investment plan.  In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs of less than 1% would have a good chance of long term survival whereas programs offering investment plans having DNIs greater than 2% might have a poor chance.  Well, the DNIs for the BitGainex plans (1.4%, 1.5%, and 1.6%) are in the gray area between these two limits.  So, anything can happen and a lot might depend on how the administrators of the program manage it.  Perhaps, you might say that the investor should be cautious.  How cautious?  That might depend on the individual investor.  Some are very conservative while others are adventurous.

How profitable are the BitGainex investment options?  I usually multiply an investment plan’s DNI by seven to get the average weekly profit that a plan offers.  For the three BitGainex investment options that we are discussing, these weekly profits will be around 9.8%, 10.5%, and 11.2%.  My opinion is that these returns are very good — especially for a long-term program.  In fact, anything over 10% scares me a little as I wonder if such a program can sustain such payments.

Unlike many HYIPs, BitGainex offers investment plans that are exactly what the name implies: INVESTMENT plans!  You are investing with the hope of steady returns on a long-term basis.  And, you would like to have your investment returned to you at the end of the investment term.  This is very different from the HYIP that offers excessively high interest plans that might only be a few days long.  In this latter case, we know the program won’t last long.  We are gambling!  In the case of a program like BitGainex, we would like to think that the program is stable with a degree of legitimacy to the legend that the company tells about the way it generates the funds that will be used to pay your returns.  In HYIP Insights #6 there is an article about HYIP legends that you might want to read.

A saving factor in the BitGainex investment options is that they all break even in roughly two months.  So, for example, if you invested in the 360-day option, everything that you earn after around 60 days is pure profit.  Two months of nail-biting and then 10 months of profit.  This isn’t too bad.  Then at the end of the year, your investment is returned on top of all the profit you have earned.

Perhaps it would be educational to put some numbers on this.  Let’s suppose that we invest $500 in the 360-day option that pays 1.6% per day.  This would give you a return of $8 per day (.016 x 500).  So, after 63 days, you would have earned a total of $504 (8 x 63) and you would have broken even.  However, you still have 297 days left in the plan.  So, the interest of $2,376 (297 x 8) that you receive in this last time period is all pure profit.  Finally, your investment of $500 is returned to you at the end of the plan.  So, your total profit in the one year period is $2,880 (504 +2,376).  This is a very lucrative investment option.

Which is the best investment option in the BitGainex lineup?  It all depends on how long you think the BitGainex program will survive.  The 360-day option has a DNI of 1.6% which is quite respectable. But, will the program survive that long?  Very very few HYIPs do.  On the other hand, the 90-day option has a lower DNI of 1.4%.  This option would seem to be the safest of the lot.  It is worth nothing that not very many HYIPs survive even this ling.  The 180-day option is somewhere in between.

The bottom line is that the decision of whether or not to invest with BitGainex and then which investment option you choose will depend heavily on what you think of the company — and how adventuresome you are.


BitGainex offers a single long-term investment plan that can take on many forms depending on how the investor configures his investment task.  In other words, within certain limits, YOU can design your own investment plan.  Like the typical HYIP, the more risk you are willing to take (invest more or for a longer term), the higher your returns will be.  It is important to note that risk is lessened since all of the investment options break even in roughly two months.  Some of the BitGainex investment options are much longer than average, running for 180 or 360 days, and merit serious thought from this point of view before investing.

BitGainex – Review #2 Part 1 (update)


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