A Very Thorough Update!

Here’s some news from Westland Storage (reviewed here).  Nothing earth-shaking.  However, these updates can be useful to you, the investor.  And, they are a smart move for the company as they give it free publicity in blog posts  such as this one!  Enjoy the update…

What’s new. What are the changes ahead?

In the last few months, the website of our company has undergone many changes, which were aimed at improving the quality of our service. We have done almost everything to create a service that is as accessible and convenient for our customers as possible.

And now there are only small amendments that bring the project to perfection. It is important for us to make our website the best and most convenient for users, after all very soon our company will enter its ICO with DiceLand Technology, which will change the real estate market forever.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the latest innovations and take part in improving our service by participating in the voting. So, let’s get started.

Investment plans

Customers are often contacting the support team, who cannot draw up their own investment plan and do not know how to achieve the desired income. Now you can choose one of the three most profitable investment plans and enter the data you need by pressing one button.

It is not only very convenient, but also relieves you of exhausting calculations and planning, without which it would seem that you cannot invest, but we have found a solution to this problem.

Share everything

Now you can tell your friends about the company and your successes with an interesting method! You can share any page of our website in social networks, the sum of your investments, profits and much more.

Just try it! This is not only a way to show off and talk about yourself, but also an excellent opportunity to acquire new partners, because every link is an affiliate.

How to become better?

We try to develop our website and technology to really make the best product for customers and the market. Clients themselves, should know better what needs to be changed and improved.

You can influence the future of our company and even the future of the entire real estate market! Please take part in our survey and share your opinion. It is very important for us.


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