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The Jetwix Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article about the Jetwix program, we summarized the company’s investment plans as follows:”

There are five plans and they all pay interest on a daily basis, the rates ranging from 2.7% to 5%.  The lowest interest plan is only 5 days long while the highest lasts for 25 days.  All of the plans return your investment at their conclusion.  A unique thing about the Jetwix investment plans is that the minimum investment for all of them is within the reach of the typical online investor.  Even the 5% plan has only a $130 minimum investment.  Since your investment is returned to you, you can say that the interest you earn is pure profit (assuming that the program survives till the conclusion of the plan you invest in).  A quick look at the interest rates that are offered suggests that these are very profitable investment plans.

Here is what the Jetwix website says about these investment plans:

2.7% daily for 5 days
$10 – $1,500

3.0% daily for 7 days
$25 – $2,000

3.3% daily for 10 days
$35 – $3,000

4.0% daily for 15 days
$45 – $10,000

5.0% daily for 25 days
$130 – $80,000

Analysis of the Jetwix Investment Plans.

Typically, when we analyze HYIP investment plans, we determine two additional pieces of information: daily net interest and breakeven point.  This information, along with what the company tells us about its investment plans, enables us to discuss them intelligently and, ultimately, draw conclusions about the pros and cons of the plans.  In the case of Jetwix, it is very simple to determine these two pieces of information.  To determine daily net interest (profit), as we already indicated in the First Thoughts article, since your investment will be returned to you, the daily interest that you receive IS your daily net interest — assuming that the program survives until the program ends.  So, for the five investment plans, we have daily net interests of: 2.7%, 3.0%, 3.3%, 4.0%, and 5%.

To determine breakeven point, you simply divide 100% by the daily interest that you receive.  In the case of the 2.7% plan, this comes out to around 37 days (100/2.7).  Well, since the investment plan is only five days long, you simply break even when the plan ends and your investment is returned to you.  In fact, before your investment is returned, you will only have recovered 13.5% (2.7 x 5) of your investment from the daily interest returns.  It turns out that the next three plans also don’t break even until the investment plan ends.  Here’s the results of this same arithmetic for all these plans:

Interest            Plan Length     Interest Recovered by End of Plan
2.7%                5 days              13.5%
3.0%                7 days              21.0%
3.3%                10 days            33.0%
4.0%                15 days            60.0%

So, the longer the plan and the higher the interest rate, the more of your investment that will be returned to you as earnings before the plan ends.

The 5% plan is different.  Dividing 100% by 5%, we find that the plan breaks even in 20 days (100/5), which is BEFORE the end of the plan at 25 days.  So, in this plan, you are earning pure profit for days 21 through 25.  On top of that, you will have your investment returned to you when the plan ends.


The first thing we will discuss is the profitability and possible risk associated with these investment plans.  In HYIP Insights #23, we suggested that weekly profits between 5% and 10% might be sensible goals to aim for.  What is the weekly profit for each of the Jetwix investment plans?  Simply multiply the DNI of each of them by seven to get it.  Here are the results:

Plan               Weekly Profit
2.7%                18.9%
3.0%                21.0%
3.3%                23.1%
4.0%                28.0%
5.0%                35.0%

Looking at these numbers, it should be clear that the Jetwix program is a VERY profitable one.  Even the lowest interest investment plan, the 2.7% plan, provides a high weekly return.  The highest interest plan, the 5% plan, provides an almost astronomical return.

The flip side of the coin to profitability is always risk.  This is the HYIP dilemma; high profit comes with high risk.  In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that the survivability of programs offering investment plans having DNIs higher than 2% might be at risk.  Well, ALL of the Jetwix plans are in that category.  And, since the highest interest investment plan has a very low minimum investment requirement, it is likely that many investors will opt for this plan.  Typically, an HYIP protects itself by having significantly higher minimum investments for its higher interest investment plans.  There is no such protection with the Jetwix investment plans and so the program will probably be faced with the obligation of paying many investors rather high returns and, on top of this, returning their investments at the end of the investment plans.

In general, there are three types of investment plans:

  1. Those that completely return your investment as part of your earnings
  2. Those that partially return your investment as part of your earnings
  3. Those that do not return your investment as part of your earnings

In case 1, your earnings are high enough so that you recover your entire investment before the plan ends.  This is the best type of plan as the interest rate is high enough such that the amount of your investment that is at risk significantly decreases on a daily basis.  The Jetwix 5% plan is in this category and, as an added bonus, you get your entire investment back when the plan ends.  All this is why the plan is so profitable.

In case 2, your earnings aren’t high enough for you to recover your entire investment before the plan ends and you must wait till the plan ends and your investment is returned before you can come out ahead.  The first four of the Jetwix plans are in this category.

Case 3 is the worst of the lot as you don’t receive any of your earnings or recover your investment until the plan ends.  This is the riskiest situation.

Obviously, case 1 is the best situation, case 2 is next, and, as already indicated, case 3 is the worst.

At the risk of repeating myself, because of its high profitability and the low investment requirement, there will be a great temptation for investors to use the 5% plan.  The trade-off, of course, is that this investment plan has the longest term — 25 days — and there is the risk that the program might not survive this long.


The Jetwix program is very profitable and is probably equally risky.  It would appear to be the type of investment program that might appeal to the adventuresome investor.  It might not be appealing to the conservative investor who leans toward low risk programs.

I hope this information is helpful to you.


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