Analysis of the Caribbean Dream Investment Plan.

In our “First Thoughts” article about Caribbean Dream (that you can read here) we emphasized how simple the program was from the point of view that it only offers ONE investment plan.  Furthermore, we were impressed that the plan had such low investment limits.

Here’s what we had to say in the First Thoughts article:

Caribbean Dream is also unique in that it has one of the most modest investment programs I have ever seen.  It consists of only ONE investment plan which pays 1% daily for 20 business days and returns your investment at the end of the plan.  What could be simpler?  And, finally, the investment limits for this plan are from $10 to $300.  Wow!  How does that compare with plans having investment limits starting at $10,000 or higher and going as high as $50,000 or even more?  Perhaps Caribbean Dream is only getting warmed up and will come up with more ambitious investment plans in the future.  But, at least for now, it looks like they are thinking SMALL with a clear intent of being around for a long long time to come.

Usually when we do an analysis of an investment plan, we focus on two issues:

How long it takes the plan to break even
And, what the value of Daily Net Interest (DNI) is for the plan.

Concerning breaking even, since you earn 1% per dayfor 20 days, it should be clear that, by the end of the plan, you will only have recovered 20% of your investment.  So, you won’t break even until your investment is returned when the plan ends.

Concerning DNI, since your investment is returned to you at the end of the plan, you might say that the 1% interest you earn per day is your daily profit — or DNI.  This, of course, assumes that the program will survive for the 20-day investment period.


Concerning breaking even, this investment plan is sort of in a middle ground.  It is better than investment plans that do not pay you anything until the plan ends, but worse than plans that return your entire investment before the end of the plan.

Concerning DNI, in the article in HYIP Insights #12 we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs of 1% or less should have a good chance of long term survival.  Perhaps the folks at Caribbean Dream read the article as they have chosen a value for DNI that is right in the “sweet spot” where the chances of long time survival are good PLUS, at least for the conservative investor, the return is adequate.  An average of 1% profit per day comes out to 7% per week.  If you divide that into 100%, you will find that it takes around 14 weeks for you to double your money — around 3-1/2 months.

Finally, we should also comment on the very low investment limits for the investment plans.  With a range of $10 to $300, it should be clear that the program isn’t trying to catch a big depositor, close the program, and run away with the profits.  We have seen programs like this before and what you might expect is that the program will remain in this form for a number of months.  We won’t guarantee it, but it might possibly remain for a year or more.  After that, when the program has established itself as a long-term survivor, you might see a revision of its investment plan to something that is more lucrative and, of course, riskier.

It is worth noting that if an investor loves this program and would like to invest more than $300, he can always make multiple investments.


Caribbean Dream offers a single relatively low interest investment plan.  It should have high appeal to the more conservative investor.  The adventuresome investor looking for higher returns in a shorter period of time might not find it very attractive.  At this point in time, although we cannot guarantee it, the prognosis for long term survival of the program looks very good.


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