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The BitSmyne Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article about BitSmyne (that you can read here), we noted that, while we weren’t completely clear as to how the company generates its revenue, the presentation of its investment plans leaves nothing to be desired.  In the way of an introduction, here’s what we said about the BitSmyne investments plans in the First Thoughts article:

All this said, the HYIP investor will primarily be interested in the BitSmyne investment plans.  And, thankfully, they are very clearly presented.  There are five of them and all of them are “perpetual,” meaning that you invest once and, after that, you receive interest earnings forever.  Your investment is included as part of your earnings.  Interest rates vary from 1.08% to 1.68% daily as follows: 1.08%. 1.18%, 1.28%. 1.48%, and 1.68%.  However, the two highest interest investment plans require minimum investments of $10,000 and $50,000.  So, it is doubtful if these two plans will be used very much — if at all.  A neat feature of all the plans is that they all provide a monthly bonus.  I have not seen this before.

Referring, now, to the website, here is the essential information on the investment plans as given there.

1.08% daily
$5 – $99.99
Monthly bonus = $0.50

1.18% daily
$100 – $999.99
Monthly bonus = $10

1.28% daily
$1.000 – $9,999.99
Monthly bonus = $100

1.48% daily
$10,000 – $49,999.99
Monthly bonus = $1,000

1.68% daily
$50,000 – no limit
Monthly Bonus = $5,000

Analysis of the BitSmythe Investment Plans.

Let’s begin with something that’s a little bit funny.  If you know even a little about chemistry, you will recognize three of the investment plan names as names of chemical “elements.”  These, of course are: Titanium, Barium, and Chromium.  The next name you might recognize is Ammonium which is the name of an “ion,” a group of chemically combined elements that function as a unit in chemical reactions.  Then there is Detanium.  Well, this is the funny one.  This appears to be a nonsense name that the folks at BitSmyne came up with on their own.  There are plenty of other elements to choose from and many many ions.  But, maybe the guy at BitSmyne that came up with these names flunked chemistry in high school and this was all he could come up with?  Perhaps he should have used fish or flower names!

As we indicated in the First Thoughts article, the minimum investments required for the Chromium and Detanium plans are probably too high for the typical online investor.  In fact, we, at EmilyNews, advise all investors to NEVER invest large amounts of money in ANY HYIP.  Even if you have this kind of money to play around with, you will surely want to know more about the company and the record of its investment plans than is given in the typical HYIP website.  This information should be verifiable, just like you can verify information about a company you might be considering buying stocks or bonds from.  In a way, this is good for BitSmyne.  If no one uses these plans, they will be free from the obligation to pay the relatively high interest returns that these investment plans promise and their survivability might increase.

So, we are left with three investment plans that pay 1.08%, 1.18%, or 1.28% daily interest — forever.  These are the only three programs that I will refer to for the remainder of this review.

First, let’s see how many days it will take each of these investment plans to break even.  To do that, you simply divide 100% by the gross daily interest that you receive.  For the Titanium plan, you divide 100% by 1.08% to get around 93 days.  If you do the same arithmetic for the other two plans, you would get:

Titanium.  93 days
Ammonium.  85 days
Barium.  79 days

The next thing we need to know about an investment plan if we are to be able to talk intelligently about its profitability or the probability of the program surviving in the long term, is the daily net interest (DNI) that it pays.  DNI is the profit that you make from an investment plan AVERAGED OUT OVER THE LENGTH OF THE PLAN.  This is obviously an impossible quantity to determine for a “perpetual” plan that will pay interest to you forever — more realistically, until the program closes its doors and dies.  To get around this problem, we have to ASSUME a certain life expectancy for the program.  The BitSmyne investment plans all break even in around three months.  Let’s work out a DNI for each of them assuming that the program survives for 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 months.

Let’s begin with the Titanium investment plan and assume that the program survives for only four months (which, by the way, is quite a long time in HYIP world!).  Paying 1.08% daily for 120 days, you get a total gross interest of 129.60%.  Subtracting 100% from this because it includes your investment, you get a total net interest of 29.60%.  Averaging this out over the assumed 120-day length of the investment plan, you get a DNI of 0.25% (29.6/120).  Doing the same arithmetic for the other assumed lengths of the plan, you get the following values for DNI for the Titanium investment plan:


Months            DNI
4                      0.25%
6                      0.52%
8                      0.66%
10                    0.75%
12                    0.80%

Next, let’s make the same set of five calculations for the Ammonium investment plan that pays a daily interest of 1.18% and then for the Barium investment plan that pays a daily interest of 1.28%.


Months            DNI
4                      .035%
6                      0.60%
8                      0.76%
10                    0.85%
12                    0.90%


Months            DNI
4                      0.45%
6                      0.72%
8                      0.86%
10                    0.95%
12                    1.00%

OK, now we have some very concrete information to discuss.  As you can see, the analysis of an investment plan that pays interest “forever” can get very complex very quickly.  So, in Part 2 of this review, which will primarily be devoted to a discussion of the information we have uncovered thus far about the BitSmyme investment program, we will have a lot to talk about.  We hope to have that ready for you in the next day or two.  Please stand by…


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