One Hundred Dollars Grand Prize!

ETHMine (reviewed here) just announced a “video making contest.”  In one sense, it isn’t a contest as all entries that abide by the contest rules will win a prize of $10.  However, after one week of announcement of the contest, the winning video will be awarded a $100 prize.  That makes it a real contest!

Well, as far as I’m concerned, this seems like an easy way to make ten bucks.  If you do something unusual in your video, you might even win $100!  Not a bad deal.  Making videos is sort of fun.  You can’t beat getting paid to have fun!

See the announcement below for the contest details…

Introduce others to ETHMine and win big in our new video making contest!

Do you believe you have what it takes to introduce more people to the wonderful world of Ethereum mining? Now is your chance to reach out and win big as we launch the new ETHMine video contest.

What are we looking for?
ETHMine wants to see your explainer video!

That’s a video at least 1 minute long featuring you sharing with potential new miners how they can register, invest, and withdraw via the ETHMine platform. If you’d like to add any more information feel free but those are the three main elements.

No big production value needed, just your face and your voice (no robots!) so your audience can see and hear your passion! Please also ensure that all videos are in English.

Consider it done – what next?
Now that you’ve filmed and edited your video, you just need to share it with the world. Upload it to YouTube then share it via all of your social media channels and any other medium you wish.

And once it’s live, you have to let us know about it (of course, we may come across it organically as a result of your great publicizing, but you can send it anyway!). Email us your video’s links to and we will immediately reward you with a $10 bonus for sharing it on your social media channels.

Please note – only one video can be emailed per user, and all social media accounts must be at least three months old. Multiple videos and accounts made specifically for this contest will all be ignored!
Then one week from the date of this newsletter, we will select the best explainer video of the bunch and present the winner with a well-deserved $100 bonus!

Lights, camera, action!
Whether you fancy yourself as the next Spielberg or would simply like to share your thoughts, we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with, and to feel the enthusiasm!
Let’s show the world what’s waiting in the unexplored new world of Ethereum mining with ETHMine!

Until next time, we wish all fellow miners the very best and happy filming!

The ETHMine Team


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