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Analysis of the Energy Cars Revolution Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article about ECRevol (that you can read here), we noted that the company offers a total of four investment plans.  The first three pay interest daily and return your deposit at the end of the investment plan.  The fourth pays you a flat 500% interest at the end of the investment plan that includes your deposit.

Let’s take a look at the first three plans first.  Here is the info on them from the website:

2.1%/day for 30 days
$10 – $25,000

2.3%/day for 60 days
$200 – $50,000

2.5%/day for 90 days
$1,000 – $100,000

Since your deposit is returned at the end of these investment plans, the daily interest that you earn is pure profit.  This, of course, assumes that the program doesn’t close before the end of the investment term — and I’ll make that assumption here to keep this analysis simple.  So, the daily interest that you receive is daily NET interest — what we at EmilyNews refer to as DNI.

Let’s quickly calculate how long it takes these investment plans to break even.  You do this by simply dividing 100% by the percent of your deposit that is returned to you each day.  For the Basic Plan this comes to around 48 days (100/2.1).  Since the investment plan is only 30 days long, this means that you won’t break even until the end of the plan when your deposit is returned to you.  For the Regular Plan, you will break even in 44 days.  Since this occurs before the end of the investment plan, you will be earning pure profit from day 45 until the end of the plan at day 60.  Then, in addition, as a “bonus,” your deposit will be returned to you.  The Popular Plan, that runs for 90 days, works just the same and has you breaking even after 40 days.  Then from day 41 all the way out to day 90 you are making pure profit and, again, you will receive your deposit back then.

The fourth investment plan is called the “Hot” Plan, perhaps because the interest that it promises you is a bit extreme.  This plan runs for 100 days and you don’t receive a penny until the plan ends.  At that time, you receive a gross return of 500% of your deposit which is, indeed, pretty hot.  If you subtract 100% from this you get a total net interest of 400%.  And, dividing this by the 100-day length of the plan, you get a daily net interest or DNI of 4%.  The minimum investment for this plan is a modest $100.

Since you don’t receive any return at all until the end of the plan, that’s when you will break even.


In the article in HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs greater than 2% might have a difficult time surviving in the long term.  Of course, this is only our educated opinion and we could be off base on this.  However, it is worth noting that ALL of the ECRevol investment plans have DNIs that are greater than 2%.  So, the prognosis for long-term survival of this program might not be too good.  But, again, we could be wrong on this and we would, indeed, like to be proven wrong!  The “Hot Plan” is probably the worst offender with respect to high DNI.  If a large number of people invested in this plan, somewhere around 100 days or four months into the program ECRevol might begin to have problems when it has to pay these investors their 500% return.

All of the ECRevol investment plans return your deposit when they end.  This adds to the suspense of this type of plan compared to a plan where your deposit is returned to you as part of your earnings.  A lot of nail biting here.  This is especially the case for the Hot Plan where BOTH your deposit and earnings are held until the end of the plan.

All this said, the website indicates that the program launched in June 2017.  So, maybe I have ALREADY been proven wrong with respect to these thoughts on the long-term survivability of the program!


ECRevol offers four easy-to-understand investment plans.  Three pay interest on a daily basis and one pays it as a lump sum at the end of the investment plan.  All plans return your deposit at the end of the investment plans.  The daily net interest paid by all the ECRevol investment plans is higher than we would recommend for long-term survival of an HYIP.  However, given that the program has been online since last June, it must be acknowledged that this does not appear to be a problem for this company.  So, assuming that ECRevol can continue to perform as it has in the past, it could be a golden opportunity for the online investor.  Let’s hope that this is the case.


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