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Analysis of the “In Vinom Veritas” Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article about “In Vinom Veritas” (which I’m going to abbreviate as IVV from now on), we said a few things about two of the company’s investment plans.  Now, I’d like to do a detailed analysis of ALL four of the IVV plans, including these two.  Let’s start by repeating the information the website gives about each of the plans…

Deposit Amount: from $5 to $250
Percent: 0.8% in a day
Term of deposit: 7 days
Refund of a deposit: At the end of the term

Deposit Amount: from $251 to $700
Percent: 10% in a day
Term of deposit: 11 days
Refund of a deposit: In payments

Deposit Amount: from $701 to $20 000
Percent: 14% in a day
Term of deposit: 8 days
Refund of a deposit: In payments

Deposit Amount: from $20 001 to $50 000
Percent: 15% in a day
Term of deposit: 9 days
Refund of a deposit: In payments

First, let’s take a look at the Breezy plan.  This plan is easy to figure out as it returns your investment at the end of the plan’s term.  This being the case and assuming that the program doesn’t close before the plan ends after seven days, the 0.80% interest that it pays per day is pure profit — something that we at Emily News refer to as daily net interest or DNI.  Of course, this isn’t really profit until the program ends and you get your investment back.  But, this is the idea of DNI.  It is a one number measure of the average daily profitability of an investment plan assuming that it runs to completion.

Next, let’s take a look at the Aged plan that pays 10% per day and runs for 11 days.  The 10% includes your investment.  You obtain the total gross interest paid by the plan by multiplying the daily gross interest of 10% by the 11-day length of the plan to get 110%.  Since this includes your investment, you obtain the total net interest by subtracting 100% from this to get 10%.  Dividing this by the 11-day length of the plan, you get the daily net Interest or DNI of the plan which comes out to 0.91% — which is quite close to the 0.80% DNI for the Breezy plan.  If you do the same arithmetic for the other two IVV investment plans, the Tasty and Gorgeous plans, you get the following results for DNI:

Breezy:  0.80%
Aged:  0.91%
Tasty:  1.50%
Gorgeous:  3.89%

It is very easy to see that the Gorgeous plan is the most profitable by far; it is almost in a class by itself.  However, if you remember that it takes a minimum of $10,001 to participate in this investment plan, it becomes pretty obvious that almost no one will utilize it.  It is simply beyond the reach of the typical online investor.  And, the wise online investor would probably want a lot more information about the program than the website provides before investing this kind of money.  This comment applies not only to IVV, but to just about all HYIPs that offer investment plans with such a high entry price tag.  However, if you are VERY brave, perhaps this plan might be for you.  Theoretically, it offers you over twice the profitability of the Tasty plan, the next most profitable plan.

Now, let’s return to a discussion of the first three investment plans.  In HYIP Insights #12 (that you can read here), we discussed ranges of DNIs that we felt were indicators of the probability of survivability of HYIP investment programs.  Specifically, we suggested that, if a program offers investment plans with DNIs that are less than 1%, it might have a high probability of long term survivability.  On the other hand, programs offering investment plans with DNIs greater than 2% might have only a limited chance of long term survival.  Programs with investment plans having DNIs between 1% and 2% could go either way depending on a number of factors.  Concerning the IVV investment plans, the Breezy and the Aged plans have DNIs that are below 1%.  The Tasty plan has a DNI of 1.5% which really isn’t too bad.  The gorgeous plan has a DNI that it quite high.  However, as I have already indicated, that plan will probably be used only rarely, if at all.  So, it will probably have little influence on the survivability of the overall program.  So, with all this in mind, the prognosis for long term survivability of the IVV program is pretty good — probably as good, if not better, than the typical HYIP.

Usually with an HYIP, we determine the number of days for its investment plans to break even.  We will now do that for the IVV plans.  However, I suspect that, since these are very short-term investment plans, they won’t break even until a day or two before the plan ends.  For the Breezy plan, we already noted that, since the interest is low, you won’t break even until the plan ends and your investment is returned to you.  What about the Aged plan?  It pays 10% interest per day.  Dividing 100% by this, we get that the plan will break even in exactly 10 days.  Well, the plan is 11 days long.  So, if you are a nervous investor, as soon as you receive your earnings on day 10, withdraw them — and you will be safe.  Here are the results of the same arithmetic for all the plans.

Length of Plan Days to Break Even
Breezy 7 7
Aged 11 10
Tasty 8 8
Gorgeous 9 7

Looking at these numbers, you can see that, in just about all the plans, you don’t break even till the last day.  It’s important to remember that, in the last three plans where you are recovering 10% or more of your investment every day, you should withdraw your earnings on a daily basis.  This is a significant safety measure in case the program closes prematurely.  Don’t get lazy and skip a day.  It doesn’t make sense to needlessly lose 10 percent or more of your investment.

Other Features of the Program.

IVV uses Payeer, Perfect Money, and AdcCash for depositing and withdrawing funds to and from the program.  Notably, Bitcoin is absent.  Perhaps it will be added in the future?  It is a big help for US investors as it is difficult or impossible for them to use these payment processors in the US.  The minimum investment is $10 (in the Breezy plan) and the minimum withdrawal is a minuscule $0.10.  Withdrawals are processed manually and can take up to 28 hours.

IVV has a referral program that pays commissions on deposits made in the first two levels of a person’s downline.  The rates are 5% and 3% except that, for some reason, deposits made in the Aged plan only pay commissions of 3% and 1%.  I can think of no other reason for this other than that this might be the most popular plan (with a permissible deposit range from $251 to $700) and this is a way for IVV to reduce the commissions it will have to pay in this plan.

Support from IVV does not appear to be very good.  Although there is Telegram and access to a VC group (something I am not familiar with), no email contact address is given.  Likewise, the standard contact form isn’t there.  This is the first HYIP I have reviewed than doesn’t have an email contact address.  That is a high priority item that should be corrected as soon as possible.

In summary, IVV is an interesting program with a very tasty product.  It offers four short term investment plans.  Three out of four of them make good sense.  The one hi-ticket plan probably will not be used very often which is good as it would detract from the survivability of the overall program.  So, if short term investment programs are to your liking, this might be exactly what you are looking for.  As always, if you do decide to invest with IVV, we recommend that you diversify your portfolio by investing in other programs as well.  And, finally, never ever invest more than you can afford to lose.  Good Luck!


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