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Analysis of the Solis Crypto Investment Program.

As I was finishing up Part 2 of the review for the Solis investment program, I noticed something that surprised me.  This is ANOTHER investment program that Solis is operating.  It has nothing to do with their work with precious stones and nothing is said concerning it in the “About” section of the website.  Anyway, this additional program within the overall Solis program deals with CRYPTO INVESTMENT.  Somewhere along the way, the folks at Solis have gained expertise in this area or they have hired folks that have it already.  And, they have decided to add it to their line-up of investment opportunities.  This said, let’s take a look at what this new investment program has to offer.

There are five investment plans in this new part of the Solis program.  All of them pay interest daily on business days and return your investment at the end of the plan.  What distinguishes the plans from one another is their duration, the interest paid, and the minimum investment required.  The maximum investment for all the plans is the same — “unlimited.”  Here is a listing of the five investment plans:

3.5% daily for 90 business days.  Min deposit = $10
7% daily for 40 business days.  Min deposit = $1,000
12% daily for 20 business days.  Min deposit = $3,000
17% daily for 15 business days.  Min deposit = $10,000
22% daily for 10 business days.  Min deposit = $20,000

If you recall the two previous parts of this review that discussed the Solis investment plans dealing with precious stones, you will immediately notice that these crypto investment plans are COMPLETELY different.  The plans dealing with precious stones all have PERPETUAL terms and pay very LOW interest rates.  These crypto plans have fairly SHORT terms and pay rather HIGH interest rates.  In fact, we will discover that the returns promised for the hi-ticket crypto investment plans are so high that they would probably be impossible for Solis to sustain.  With this as an introduction, let’s get down to business…

First, let’s find out how long it takes an investment in each of these plans to break even.  That’s very easy to do.  You simply divide 100% by the interest paid per business day to get the number of BUSINESS days to break even.  For the 3.5% plan, this comes to around 29 business days (100/3.5).  You can do the same arithmetic to get the following results for the other plans:

Plan Name          Business Days

3.5%                      29
7%                          15
12%                        9
17%                        6
22%                        5

It’s a little easier to think in terms of CALENDAR days.  So, I’m going to convert both these results as well as the length of each plan to calendar days.  To do that, you must remember that here are typically 22 business days in a 30 calendar day month.  To make the conversion, you simply multiply the number of business days by the ratio 30/22 (which comes out to around 1.364).  Doing all these conversions, we get the following numbers of calendar days for both the total term of each investment plan as well as for the number of calendar days to break even:

Plan Name          Term of Plan       Days to Break Even

3.5%                      123                         40
7%                          55                           21
12%                        28                           13
17%                        21                           9
22%                        14                           7

OK, now that we finally have the important information in front of us, let’s see what it all means.  First of all, it is probable that most investors will use the 3.5% plan as it requires only a $10 minimum investment.  The 7% plan requires a $1,000 minimum which a few investors might be willing to risk.  Beginning with the 12% plan with a minimum investment of $3,000, I expect that there will hardly be any investors.  I actually would guess that there will be ZERO in the two highest interest plans requiring minimum investments of $10,000 and $20,000.

Concerning the time to break even, the 3.5% plan takes 40 calendar days, somewhat over a month, while the 7% plan takes half as long, around 20 or 21 days (there is some round-off error in these calculations).  The 12% plan takes around two weeks.  We’ll ignore the last two plans in most of this discussion as they probably won’t be used.  There isn’t too much that can be said about these results in the chart other than the fact that the time to break even is the nail-biting period associated with HYIP investing.  One saving grace in these plans, as well as with similar plans elsewhere, is that you are recovering your investment little by little every day so that, if the program should close prematurely, you won’t suffer a total loss.

The most important thing to know about an investment program is how profitable it is and, along with this, how probable it is that the program will survive in the long term.  As we have explained many times, the best means of doing this is to take a look at the daily net interest (DNI) that a program pays you.  This is simply an average of the total net interest (profit) for the plan over the number of CALENDAR days in it.  In all the Solis crypto investment plans, your deposit is returned to you at the end of the plan’s term.  Thus, all the interest that you receive over the course of the plan is profit — assuming that the program survives till the end of the investment plan’s term and that your deposit is returned to you then.  Let’s assume this to be the case.

Let’s take a look at the 3.5% investment plan.  It pays you 3.5% interest for 90 BUSINESS days, a total of 315% (3.5 x 90).  Once again, this will be pure profit or NET interest since your investment is returned to you.  Dividing this by the 123 CALENDAR days in the program, we get a DNI of 2.56%.  If you make the same calculation for the other four plans, you get the following results:

Plan Name          DNI

3.5%                      2.56%
7%                          5.09%
12%                        8.57%
17%                        12.14%
22%                        15.71%

In the article in HYIP Insights #12 that we refer to often, we suggested that programs with investment plans having DNIs in excess of 2% have a poor likelihood of long-term survival.  Looking at the foregoing list of DNIs, we see that even the 3.5% plan, which is the plan that most investors will use, has a DNI that is significantly higher than this suggested amount.  So, on the basis of DNI, I would say that the probability of long-term success of the Solis program is very low.

As an aside, you probably notice that the DNIs promised for the higher interest programs are “off the chart.”  Unfortunately, this is a common practice among HYIPs.  An extremely high return is promised for investors who are willing to risk a large deposit.  All too often, if such a program does catch a “big fish,” the Admin will close the program and run away with the bank account.  It is simply impossible to sustain the payment of such huge returns for any length of time.  Let’s hope that’s not the motive behind these hi-ticket Solis plans.  But, you never know…

Comparing the Solis Crypto Investment program with the Solis investment program dealing with precious stones, we see an amazing contrast.  The crypto program promises very high earnings along with very high risk.  The jewelry program offers very modest returns with low risk.  Perhaps all this is by design and the folks at Solis are doing this to have “all the bases covered” so that their programs will appeal to the widest range of investors.  Whatever the case, I won’t try to figure it out.  The important thing to remember is that investment PLANS don’t fail, investment PROGRAMS do.  So, this crypto program places the entire overall Solis program at risk.

All this said, you might still want to give this new Solis program a try.  Look over all that I have said and due your own due diligence.  And, if you do decide in favor of investing with them, please remember to diversify your portfolio by finding additional sensible programs to also invest with.  And, as always, our final word of advice is to never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Good Luck!


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