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The Solis Investment Plans.

A few days ago, we did a “First Thoughts” article on the Solis investment program.  In that article we said a few words about the activities of the Solis company and also made some introductory comments about its investment plans.  What I would like to do now is provide some additional information about these plans.  At first glance, they are a little bit tricky to understand and the quick summary that is provided in the website can leave a person somewhat confused.  So, the first thing I will do in this review is try to explain in detail exactly how the investment plans work.  Once we have that sorted out, we’ll be in a position to analyze the plans and determine exactly how profitable they are and whether or not they are a sensible place to invest your hard-earned money.

As I indicated in the First Thoughts article, Solis offers 15 investment plans that are divided into three subgroups called Quick Start, Basic, and Professional.  However, in reality, all of this is only a single investment plan with different interest rates that correspond to the cost of the minimum investment in each plan. The interest you earn can range from 17% to 31% per month and it’s paid daily to you on working days.  To simplify things, I’m simply going to number the plans from 1 through 15 as is done in the calculator on the home page of the website.  Here’s the information from the website giving the number of the plan, the minimum investment, and the profit per month:

  1. $1 – 17% profit per month
  2. $5 – 18% profit per month
  3. $10 – 19% profit per month
  4. $25 – 20% profit per month
  5. $50 – 21% profit per month
  6. 100 – 22% profit per month
  7. $250 – 23% profit per month
  8. $500 – 24% profit per month
  9. $1,000 – 25% profit per month
  10. $2,500 – 26% profit per month
  11. $5,000 – 27% profit per month
  12. $10,000 – 28% profit per month
  13. $25,000 – 29% profit per month
  14. $50,000 – 30% profit per month
  15. $100,000 – 31% profit per month

You can see that each plan offers 1% more than the one before it.  That’s very clear.  However, the dollar amount that is given is actually the cost of one investment “pack.”     In each of these plans, you invest by purchasing one or more investment packs.  Each plan has a limiting number of packs that you can purchase.  Following is a chart that gives the cost per pack (which is the minimum investment), the maximum number of packs that you can purchase, and the equivalent maximum investment for each plan:

Cost/pack        Max # packs                Max Investment

  1. $1                   25                                $25
  2. $5                  10                                $50
  3. $10                10                                $100
  4. $25                10                                $250
  5. $50                10                                $500
  6. $100              10                                $1,000
  7. $250              10                                $2,500
  8. $500              10                                $5,000
  9. $1,000           10                                $10,000
  10. $2,500           10                                $25,000
  11. $5,000           10                                $50,000
  12. $10,000         10                                $100,000
  13. $25,000          4                                  $100,000
  14. $50,000          2                                  $100,000
  15. $100,000        1                                  $100,000

The next thing we have to clarify is the interest that each plan pays.  For example, with plan #5, your profit is 21% per month.  But, the program pays you your earnings on working days.  How much do you earn per working day?  Well, this is easy to convert.  You simply divide 21% by 22, the number of working days per month to get 0.95%.  In the process of getting all this sorted out, I contacted the chat support desk for Solis.  They were most helpful and referred me to a document called the “Solis Presentation.”  This is a 12-page pdf file describing the Solis program and, among other things, it clarifies the daily interest paid by the various investment plans.  Anyone who is considering making an investment with Solis should read it.  I may have missed it; but, there doesn’t seem to be a link to this document in the website.  For your information, here it is:

Here is a chart that gives the interest paid per working day for each plan.  It is taken from the pdf document I just referenced.

  1. 77%
  2. 82%
  3. 86%
  4. 91%
  5. 95%
  6. 00%
  7. 05%
  8. 10%
  9. 14%
  10. 18%
  11. 23%
  12. 27%
  13. 32%
  14. 36%
  15. 41%

A very important point with the Solis program is that the investment plans are “perpetual.”  In case you’ve forgotten, this simply means that you make an investment one time and it will keep paying you interest forever — or until the program closes.  This is a very good deal — if the program is a survivor.  We’ll have more to say about that later.

A final important point is that you can only withdraw 70% of your earnings.  The other 30% is locked and you must reinvest it in one of the Solis investment plans.  You might say that this is a sort of “compulsory” compounding.  It is another characteristic of the Solis program that could be a very good one — again, if the program is a survivor.  In your account, this would work as follows.  Suppose you had interest earnings of $10.  Seven dollars or 70% of this would appear in the “Earning Balance” total in your account while three dollars would appear in the “Purchase Balance” total.  You can withdraw what is in the Earning Balance but not what is in the Purchase Balance.  All that you can do with the amount in the Purchase Balance is to reinvest it and repeat the process of possibly withdrawing what appears in your Earning Balance and reinvesting what appears in your Purchase Balance.  By the way, you can also reinvest what appears in your Earning Balance as well.  I believe that all of these new investments are treated separately from your original investment.  There are some fine points to this procedure that we’ll get into when we analyze the Solis investment plans.

OK, with this as an introduction, we are ready to take a look at the profitability of these investment plans.  We will do that in Part 2 of this review.  Please stand by.


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