This program has STOPPED paying! Do not invest there!

Some History.

A few days ago I wrote a “First Thoughts” article on Buratos (that you can read here).  You may recall that I was impressed by the simplicity of the program.  There are no wasted words and no effort is made to impress the reader.  The website simply explains how the program works — period.  As I indicated in the First Thoughts article, I like this approach very much.

The home page tells us that the program has been online for 30 days and now has around 40 investors.  The total funds invested are around $10,000.  This comes to an average deposit of around $250 per investor.  I think this is probably a bit higher than the typical HYIP average.  However, the number of investors isn’t too great and it may well be that the simplicity of the website that appeals so much to me is driving others away.  But, it’s a new program and anything can happen.  So, we will wait and see…

The Investment Plans.

Buratos offers three investment plans.  They all run for a full year and your deposit is included along with your daily earnings.  Here is the summary information provided for each of the plans:

Plan 1
0.75% per day
$25 – $500

Plan 2
0.86% per day
$501 – $1,000

Plan 3
$1,001 – $3,000

There are a few interesting things about these investment plans.  First of all, I love their names!  They couldn’t be simpler.  No gold, silver, VIP, etc. plans or anything like that.  Just plain old numbers!  Next, the minimum investments to utilize the plans are all very reasonable.  They do increase as the rate of return increases.  But, Plan 3, with the highest rate of return, only has a minimum investment of $1,000 which is probably within the reach of most serious online investors.  Related to this, the maximum investment for Plan 3 is a mere $3,000.  The admin of this program is definitely NOT looking to catch a big fish.  I obviously like this approach and it by no means stops you from investing a larger amount.  You simply make multiple deposits.  I feel that more programs should take this approach.  It is a very realistic one for the online investor.

Analysis of the Investment Plans.

Let’s take a closer look at Plan 1.  For a daily return of 0.75%, the total gross return for the one year investment period will be 274%.  Since this includes your original deposit, you must subtract 100% to get your total net return which would be 174%.  Dividing his by 365 days you get an effective daily net interest (DNI) of 0.48% (105/365).  You get the number of days for the plan to break even by dividing 100% by the gross daily interest paid or 134 days (100/.75).  You can easily make the same calculations for the other two investment plans to come up with the following results:

Plan 1
Total gross profit = 274%
Total net profit = 174%
DNI = 0.48%
Days to break even = 134

Plan 2
Total gross profit = 314%
Total net profit = 214%
DNI = 0.59%
Days to break even = 117

Plan 3
Total gross profit = 380%
Total net profit = 280%
DNI = 0.77%
Days to break even = 97

You will recall that many times we referred to HYIP Insights #12 (that you can read here) where we suggested that investment plans with DNIs less than 1% are more apt to be sustainable in the long term.  All of these plans fall into this range so that the overall program has a high probability of long term success.  Often times an HYIP will have a number of investment plans with low DNIs such as these but also plans with high ones.  The high ones, of course, could create payment problems for the program and hence it could be forced to close — even though it also had a number of programs with lower DNIs that might have given a person the impression that the overall program would be sustainable.  Fortunately, in many of these situations, the minimum deposit required to take advantage of these high interest investment plans is often very high so that they might not even be used at all!  But, this discussion is irrelevant to Buratos as all of its investment plans have sensible DNIs and, as we already indicated, the minimum investment requirement for all the investment plans is within the reach of almost everyone.

To wrap this up, let’s put some dollars and cents on all this.  How about if we assume we are a bit adventurous and that we invest $2,000 in Plan 3.  Every day we will earn 1.04% of this or $20.80 (2,000 x .0104).  By the end of the year we will receive total gross earnings of $7,592 (365 x 20.8).  Subtracting our deposit of $2,000, our total net profit will be $5,592.  So, in a year’s time, you will make a profit of roughly two and a half times your initial investment.  That sure beats putting your money in a bank savings account!

Of course, you could make similar projections for other amounts and for the other investment plans.

Other Features of the Program.

Buratos utilizes the most popular payment processors which are: PerfectMoney, ADVCash, Bitcoin, PAYEER, and NixMoney.

Withdrawals are promised within 12 hours and I assume that deposits will be processed much more quickly — maybe instantly.

Buratos’ referral program is very simple (like everything else!) and pays you 3%, 2%, and 1% on deposits in the first three levels of your downline.  This isn’t as lucrative as referral programs in many other HYIPs.  Perhaps this is all the folks at Buratos feel they can pay on a sustainable basis?

Support is limited to a contact form.  This could be perfectly adequate if the turnaround time for a response is quick.  If it isn’t, this will be a serious problem for investors needing support.

In closing, I would again say that, if simplicity appeals to you, this program could be your cup of tea.  If this simplicity implies to you that the program might be a one man show being run from the admin’s sofa, you had better steer clear.  Furthermore the Buratos investment plans are all low yield and very long term.  For the conservative investor, this will be appealing.  For the more adventuresome investor who would like to earn more much more quickly, this program will not be for you.  Everything considered, if you decide to invest with Buratos, our advice is always to diversify your portfolio and to never invest more than you can afford to lose.  Good Luck!


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