SimbWealth Begins Again!

If you read our recent News Commentary #145, you learned that SimbWealth (reviewed here) recently reworked all of its investment plans.  This was such a major revision that it is almost as though they started their program over again from scratch.  In a way, it is actually BETTER than that.  They not only corrected all the problem areas that we pointed out in our original review of the program, they also made additional refinements.  And, all this was done while not altering the unique feature of the program — which is a long-term relatively low interest means of investment.

I have to qualify that statement.  In the HYIP industry, daily interest rates of 2%, 3%, and much much higher are the norm.  We have even reviewed one programs with daily net interest rate of almost 50%!  So, while the SimbWealth investment plans with daily net interest rates all less that 1% might seem unprofitable to the typical HYIP investor, it is very important to realize that, along with these “low” interest rates, there comes the much higher probability of long term survival of the program.  And, we should always keep in mind that, compared to other income opportunities, savings accounts, and the like, daily net interest rates in the neighborhood of one half a percent are absolutely astounding.

And, concerning survivability, it is important to look at the track record of SimbWealth.  The home page of their website does not hide the fact that, although the program has been online for around 160 days, they have only attracted 260 investors that have invested a total of less than $6,000 in the program.  Many HYIP admins would have called their program a failure with such statistics.  In contrast, it looks like the folks at SimbWealth have taken this as a CHALLENGE and are doing everything they can think of to breathe new life into their program.

We at Emily News admire and support this attitude and extend our best wishes to the Admin and staff at SimbWealth with the hope that their program does, indeed, turn out to be the successful long-term survivor they are hoping for.

The New Investment Plans.

Well, the primary purpose of this second review of Simbwealth is to take a close look at the new investment programs they now offer.  So, let’s get started.  There are three plans and they all provide interest earnings on a daily basis that include your deposit as part of the payment.  This is a major improvement over their previous investment plans where some of them only provided interest earnings on a monthly basis.  Following is the summary information on the investment plans that was provided in the recent Simbwealth update:

Hi-Tech Industries.  90 days
120% gross earnings
20% net earnings
1.33% daily gross interest
0.22% daily net interest
Min: $10 – Max: $500

Leasing Plan.  180 days
160% gross earnings
60% net earnings
0.89% daily gross interest
0.32% daily net interest
Min: $250 – Max: $1,000

Real Estate.  365 days
250% gross earnings
150% net earnings
0.68% daily gross interest
0.41% daily net interest
Min: $500 – Max: $10,000

I believe that this is the first program I have encountered that publishes the daily net interest (DNI) for the investment plans that it offers.  We have talked a lot about this quantity in the Emily News Blog and have pointed out that it is the true measure of the profitability of a program.  All other programs so far have avoided the use of this term and have left it up to the investor to determine how profitable an investment plan they offer really is.  My hat goes off to SimbWealth for providing this information up front.

Of course, if you are familiar with the term, it is a simple matter to calculate it.  You simply take the total net interest and divide it by the number of days in the program.  For example, in the Hi-Tech Industries investment plan, you would divide the total net interest of 20% by 90 days to get 0.22%.  Just to be sure you understand how this works, this is NOT the actual daily percent interest you will receive from the investment plan.  You will receive the higher 1.33% daily gross interest rate.  However, not all of that is profit as part of this is your principal being paid back to you.  If you divide 100% by this percent that you receive every day, you can determine the number of days it will take you to break even.  For this plan it comes to around 75 days (100/1.33).  So, for the first 75 days of the program, you are getting your principal back.  For the last 15 days, you are making pure profit.  If you average out your profit over the total length of the investment plan, you get the DNI.  As we indicated, this is the way to compare the profitability of different programs.  However, to repeat, it is not the amount of earnings you will receive on a daily basis.  I hope this discussion clarifies any misunderstandings you might still have about DNI.

You can calculate the number of days to break even for the other two programs in the same way.  Here are the results:

Hi-Tech plan:  75 days  (15 days pure profit)
Leasing Plan:  112 days  (68 days pure profit)
Real Estate Plan:  147 days  (218 days pure profit)

Something worth noting is that, in the Real Estate plan, you are making pure profit for around seven months out of the year long investment term.

Another improvement in the new SimbWealth investment plans has to do with the maximum and minimum investment amounts for each plan.  The minimum investment does increase for the higher interest plans.  However, it is within reasonable limits such that a serious investor can take advantage of any of the plans that he might be interested in.  Likewise, the maximum investment amounts are reasonable.  Many other HYIPs will indicate “obscenely” high maximums.  As we pointed out is HYIP Insights #14 (that you can read here), it is probable that these high amounts are an admin “fishing” for a big investor.  And you can be sure that the program won’t be around much longer if someone gets hooked!  It is worth noting that, even with a small maximum allowable investment, usually a program doesn’t limit the number of investments a person can make.  So, it is still possible to invest a large amount by making multiple investments.  In short, both the range of interest rates offered and the range of investments that are accepted by SimbWealth appear to have been sensibly and professionally chosen.  All this helps to give the investor confidence that he might actually be investing in a program that is a real one.

$500 is an acceptable investment for all of the three investment plans.  Let’s see how an investment of this amount would work out in each of the plans.  To make them comparable (cover the same time period), I am going to assume that the person invests in the 90 day plan four times and in the 180 day plan two times.  Here are the results:

  • The Hi-Tech plan pays 20% profit every 90 days.  So, you would earn $100 every 90 days.  If you do this four times, you would earn a total of $400.
  • The Leasing plan pays 60% profit every 180 days.  So, you would earn $300 every 180 days.  If you do this two times, you would earn a total of $600.
  • The Real Estate Plan pays 150% in a year’s time.  So, you would earn $750.

As we already knew, the third plan would be the most profitable because it has the highest DNI.  In fact, the DNI of the third plan (0.41%) is almost twice as much as the DNI of the first plan (0.22%).  So, you would expect that earnings to be just about twice as much — which is exactly the way our calculation worked out.

Summarizing all this, we have three investment plans with the following features:

Low interest rates
Daily payment of interest earnings
Affordable minimum investments
Sensible maximum investments

I confess to being a conservative investor.  So, these new SimbWealth investment plans are exactly the type of thing I look for.  However, if you prefer higher interest shorter term plans, these will not be your cup of tea.  So, the choice is yours to make.  Good Luck!


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