We recently received a notice that Hodium (reviewed here) has completely changed its investment plan.  In the way of an introduction, I’m going to repeat their notice.  After that, I’ll compare the new investment plan with the old one and make a few comments. 

Here’s the notice from Hodium:

Hodium has BIG NEWS… Come find out what it is!
With Christmas less than a month away, are you starting to feel festive? Whatever you do to mark the end of the year, it’s always time to celebrate when you’re a Hodium user raking in the earnings!

Today, our big news gives you a further reason to rejoice…
– Because Hodium is launching a brand-new investment plan!
That’s right – after thousands of requests from you guys (whose opinion we value more than anything) we have taken action. We always do the best for our clients.
– How does the new plan work?
First, you make your investment of your size of choice as normal. Nothing new there. However, you now will receive 0.15% interest hourly (3.6% interest daily) on that investment – simple!

Nothing else has changed. You can still expect Hodium’s usual flexible support for which we are known. That means you can claim back your principal investment at any time after the first 24 hours since you made your investment for a competitive 4% fee.

Those with investments running will still receive interest under the original plan. However, when making your next investment, you will be investing in our brand-new plan. You will not be able to deposit into our original plan.

We hope this excites you as much as it does us – basically we’re making investing in Hodium even more lucrative than it was before!

As always, give us a shout with any questions and don’t forget to follow us on all our social channels, as well as join our thriving https://t.me/hodiumchat to be the first to hear about every Hodium update.

In the way of comparison, here’s what we said about the old investment plan in our “First Thoughts” article when we first introduced the Hodium program:

For the investor, Hodium offers a single very logical and easy-to-understand investment plan.  It is logical because the interest that the plan pays can vary on a day by day basis between a minimum of 0.1% and 1.5%.  This makes perfect sense as financial asset trading, be it Forex, cryptos, or the stock market, can result in returns that vary widely on a day by day basis.  Note, also, that high unrealistic interest rates are not promised to the investor.  This might be taken as a clue that the company intends to be around for a while.  This is very refreshing news for the investor who might be looking for a long-term source of passive income.  The minimum investment with Hodium is 0.001 BTC (around $10) and, for all practical purposes, there is no maximum.  The investment plan is 365 days long. A very neat feature of plan is that you can withdraw your investment at any time without penalty. This is kind of like withdrawing your deposit from the bank.

When you compare the information for the old investment plan with the information for the new one, it is obvious that, although the STRUCTURE of the plans remains the same, the interest that the new plan pays is a LOT higher than what the old plan paid.  In addition, whereas the old plan paid a lesser rate on weekends, the new plan pays the same amount every day of the week.

The reason given for the change is essentially that it is what online investors have been asking for.  Well, it is very nice to please your customers.  However, the unanswered question is, “Why is Hodium suddenly able to increase its returns by a factor of four or more?”  Have the company’s earnings suddenly increased?  What has changed — if anything?

Getting back to the dollars and cents of this, in order to analyze the original investment plan, we assumed an average daily gross interest of 0.8%.  Based on that assumption, we found out that the plan would break even in 125 days and that it would pay you an average daily net interest (DNI) of around 0.53%.

For the new investment plan, if you divide 100% by the 3.6% daily return, you find that you will break even in around 28 days.  The total GROSS interest that you will receive from the new plan will be 3.6% times the 365-day length of the plan, or 1,314%.  Subtracting 100% from this because it includes your investment, you come up with a total NET interest of 1,214%.  Finally, averaging this out over the 365-day length of the plan by dividing it by 365, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of around 3.33%. 

In summary, comparing this information for the old and new investment plans, we have the following:

  • Plan                 DNI                  Days to break even
  • Old                  0.53%              125 days
  • New                 3.33%              28 days

So, the new plan is over six times more profitable (3.33/.53 = 6.28) and it breaks even in less than one fifth the time (125.28 = 4.46).  So, the two investment plans are like night and day.  Hodium has switched from a very conservative investment plan that offered modest returns — but with a good chance of long-term survival — to a plan with fairly high returns — but with questions about its long-term survival (as it always goes all hyips).  Remember that our suggestion is HYIP Insights #12 was that investment programs offering investment plans with DNIs greater than 2% might be at risk of closing prematurely (hopefully this is not the case).  So, now, appealing to the conservative investor who might be seeking a long-term source of a modest passive income only, Hodium will probably now also appeal to the more adventuresome investor who is willing to gamble a little in hopes of higher and faster returns.

I hope this information is helpful.


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