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The Coininja Investment Plans.

We briefly introduced the Coininja investment plans in our recent “First Thoughts” article about the program.  Here’s what we said about them in that article:

Coininja offers a total of eight different investment plans.  These include the three most popular TYPES of investment plans.  Three of them return your investment along with daily earnings.  These are the least risky.  Another three of them provide daily earnings but do not return your investment until the end of the plan.  These have a medium level of risk.  The last two hold both your earnings and interest until the end of the plan.  These are the riskiest group of plans.  In case it isn’t obvious to you, we will discuss the risk factor more fully when we review the program.

A number of the investment plans require a high minimum investment.  Two require a minimum of $1,800; two require $6,000; and, two require a huge $60,000.  So, that leaves only two plans that will appeal to the greater number of online investors.  As you might expect, the plans with the lowest minimum investments pay the lowest returns and vice versa.  We will find out in our forthcoming review that the two plans that require a huge investment also promise a huge return. 

And, here’s additional information about the investment plans from the website for the three TYPES of plans (I like the neat Japanese (?) names for many of the plans!):

Principal Included as Part of Daily Returns (least risk)

  • Saiga Plan
  • 6% daily for 26 days
  • $10 – $1,800
  • Shinto Plan
  • 7% daily for 21 days
  • $1,800 – $6,000
  • Negoro Plan
  • 10% daily for 16 days
  • $6,000 – $60,000

Daily Returns with Principal Returned at End of Plan (medium risk)

  • Kogo Plan
  • 2.2% daily for 16 days
  • $10 – $1,800
  • Iga Plan
  • 2.5% daily for 21 days
  • $1,800 – $6,000
  • Fuma Plan
  • 3.0% daily for 26 days
  • $6,000 – $60,000

Principal and Earnings Returned at End of Plan (highest risk)

  • VIP-1 Plan
  • 1,800% after 6 days
  • $60,000 – $600,000
  • VIP-2 Plan
  • 3,000% after 9 days
  • $60,000 – $600,000

Analysis of the Coininja Investment Plans.

When we analyze investment plans, we typically determine how long it takes them to break even and what the average daily net interest is that they will pay.  This information, along with the given information about an investment plan, provides a very good picture of a plan’s pros and cons and enables the potential investor to make a fairly well-informed decision concerning the advisability of putting money into a plan.

We have eight investment plans to analyze here.  So, let’s get to work…

Starting with the Saiga Plan, if you divide 100% by the daily return of 6%, you find that it will take you 17 days to break even.  Similarly, you would find that it takes 15 days for the Saiga Plan to break even and 10 days for the Shinto Plan to break even. 

Moving on to the next group of three plans, for the Kogo Plan, if you divide 100% by the daily return of 2.2%, you find that it will take 46 days for the plan to break even.  However, the plan is only 16 days long.  So, although you will recover some of your investment during the course of the plan, you will not recover all of it and you won’t break even until the plan ends and your principal is returned to you.  The same situation will occur with the other two plans in this group of three investment plans.  So, none of them break even until the plan ends.

In the last group of investment plans that do not provide any return at all until a plan ends, that will obviously be when the plan breaks even. 

Here are our results for break even points for all of the investment plans:

  • Plan                 Days to Break Even
  • Saiga               17
  • Shinto              15
  • Negoro            10
  • Kogo                16
  • Iga                   21
  • Fuma               26
  • VIP-1                6
  • VIP-2                9

Next, let’s determine the daily net interest (DNI) that you can earn from each of these investment plans. 

Let’s start with the three plans that return your investment as part of your earnings.  Beginning with the Saiga Plan, the total GROSS interest that you will earn will be the daily gross interest of 6% times the 26-day length of the plan, or 156%.  Subtracting 100% from this because it includes your investment, you get a total NET interest of 56%.  Finally, averaging this out over the 26-day length of the plan by dividing by 26, you get a DNI of 2.15%.  Similarly, you get DNIs of 2.24% and 3.75% for the Shinto and Negoro Plans, respectively.

It is very easy to determine the DNI for the next three investment plans, those that return your investment at the end of the plan.  Assuming that the program survives until a plan ends, your daily return will simply be your net profit, or DNI.  So, for these three plans, the Kogo, Iga, and Fuma Plans, we have DNIs of 2.2%, 2.5%, and 3.0%, respectively.

Finally, for the last two investment plans that don’t return your earnings or investment until the plan ends, you simply divide the total net interest by the number of days in the plan to get a DNI.  For example, for the VIP-1 Plan, the total GROSS interest is given as 1,800%.  Since this includes your investment, you must subtract 100% from it to get your total NET interest, or 1,700%.  Dividing this by six to average this out over the 6-day length of the plan, you get a DNI of around 283%.  Similarly, for the VIP-2 Plan, you get a DNI of around 322%.  These numbers should knock you out of your chair!  They imply that, every day, your average profit for these investment plans is in the neighborhood of THREE TIMES your investment.  So, if you invest the minimum of $20,000 in one of these plans, you are promised in the neighborhood of $60,000 per day for the duration of the plan.

So, here are our results for DNI for the eight Coininja investment Plans:

  • Plan                 DNI
  • Saiga               2.15%
  • Shinto              2.24%
  • Negoro            3.75%
  • Kogo                2.2%
  • Iga                   2.5%
  • Fuma               3.0%
  • VIP-1                283%
  • VIP-2                322%

OK, with all this as background, we are set discuss some of the pros and cons of the Coininja investment program.  Hopefully, we will be able to come up with a few conclusions that will be useful to the online investor.  We will do all this in Part 2 of this review.  Please stand by.  It should be available within the next day or two.


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