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The Dragon Kingdom Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about Dragon Kingdom, we introduced their investment plans in the following way:

As far as investment opportunities are concerned, Dragon Kingdom offers three plans for the online investor (a side point is that the plans are aptly given rather fearsome dragon names!).  The plans all pay a daily interest and return your investment as part of your earnings.  This is the best type of investment plan as it is possible to break even well before a plan ends.  A unique thing about these investment plans is that they pay one rate of interest on weekdays and another lower rate on weekends.  The minimum deposit for all of the investment plans is a very low 0.0001 BTC or $3. So, all of the plans are affordable to anyone. On a preliminary basis, it looks like the plans offer attractive profits, but not so “attractive” that the long-term survival of the program will be placed at unusual risk.

The website gives the following additional information about the three Dragon Kingdom investment plans.  I LOVE the names of the plans!

  • RHAEGAL Plan
  • Weekday interest  4.00%
  • Weekend interest  1.00%
  • Lifetime  7 weeks
  • Total return 154.00%
  • Weekday interest  3.60%
  • Weekend interest  1.00%
  • Lifetime  9 weeks
  • Total return  180.00%
  • DROGON Plan
  • Weekday interest  3.40%
  • Weekend interest  1.00%
  • Lifetime  11 weeks
  • Total return  209.00%

Note that ALL the percent returns that are given above include your investment.  So, they are all GROSS returns.  To get the total NET return (net profit), you must subtract 100% from the value given above for “Total return.”

Analysis of the Kingdom Dragon Investment Plans.

When we analyze an investment plan, one of the things we do is determine how long it will take the plan to break even.  Since these plans pay different interest on weekdays and weekends, it is a little bit tricky to do this because, in order to get an exact result, you would have to know which day of the week the investor makes his deposit.  Since this is impossible to know, let’s make estimates.  They might be off by a day or two.  But they will definitely be in the right ballpark. 

Let’s begin with the Rhaegal Plan.  If you add the weekday and weekend interests that the plan pays, you come up with 22%, the weekly gross interest that the plan pays.  Dividing 100% by this amount, you find that it takes 4.55 weeks for you to recover your investment from the program (to break even).  If you convert 0.55 to days by multiplying it by the conversion factor of 7 (days per week), you find out that it takes around four weeks and three days, or 31 days, for the plan to break even.  Remember that this is an estimate and might be off by a day or two. 

If you do the same arithmetic for the other two plans, you come up with the following results:

  • Plan                 Days to break even
  • Rhaegal           31 days
  • Viserion           35 days
  • Drogon            37 days

Next, let’s determine the average daily net interest that an investor can earn for each of the three Dragon Kingdom investment plans.  Again, let’s begin with the Rhaegal Plan.  The website tells you that the total GROSS interest that you will earn from the plan is 154%.  So, the total NET interest that you will earn will be 100% less than this or 54%.  If you average this out over the 7-week (49 day) length of the plan, by dividing by 49, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of 1.10%.  Remember that, over the course of this type of investment plan, you aren’t making any net profit until you break even.  After that, you are making “pure profit.”  DNI averages this “pure profit” out over the length of the investment plan.

Using this same logic for the other two investment plans, you come up with the following values for DNI:

  • Plan                 DNI
  • Rhaegal           1.10%
  • Viserion           1.27%
  • Drogon            1.42%

These investment plans are starting to look very attractive!  We’ll take a look at why this is so in Part 2 of our review when we discuss the results of the analysis we just made.  Please stand by.  Part 2 will be published in a day or two.


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