Aimed at Indonesia.

Hooplex (reviewed here) will hold its first online conference on October 2.  It will be directed at its Indonesian audience.  This appears to be where interest in Hooplex is greatest and where most previous live Hooplex conferences have been held.  Apparently, there is a great deal of interest in additional conferences in Indonesia and it has become impossible for the company to fulfill this desire for such events.  So, doing things online is a good idea.  Like previous live conferences, it looks like this online conference will primarily be directed at the new investor.  Please see the news release below for further information…  

The first Hooplex online conference for residents of Indonesia

Every day, our technical support receives letters asking us to organize a Hooplex event in a specific city. We are extremely grateful to you for your interest in our project! 

The largest number of such letters comes from Indonesia. We are actively working on organizing conferences and trainings, but we cannot be in dozens of cities across the country at the same time. Not everyone who is interested in our project has the opportunity to attend our events.  Therefore, we have found another solution! 

On October 2, we will hold our first online conference for Indonesians! 

You will find out: 

  • * What opportunities does Hooplex offer to everyone?
  • * How does Lexera technology work?
  • * How to build a career in the company?
  • * How to earn from $100 a day with Hooplex?
  • * How to get from 21%-33% per month with deposit programs?
  • * Topical news of the company’s development from top officials. 

And all this from the comfort of the house! 

SPEAKER: top leader of Indonesia Mr Zenal Mutakin

Date: October 2

Time: 19:00 wib

Link to the online conference: 

We’re waiting for you at your monitors!

❗️ ATTENTION: the number of places is limited! Click on the link in advance to get the place in time!

Send this letter to your entire structure!


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