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The Litemax Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about LiteMax, we provided the following brief introduction to the company’s investment plans:

LiteMax offers four investment plans for the online investor.  Three of them pay daily interest and also return your principal at the end of the investment plan.  All three of these plans are 40 days long.  The fourth plan pays you a one-shot return of 140% at the end of the investment plan which is 20 days long.  All of the investment plans are lucrative.  A few of them are very lucrative.  However, because of high minimum investments, these latter plans are not likely to be very popular.

As indicated, the first three investment plans are very similar.  Here are their details:

  • Plan #1
  • 2.75% daily for 40 days (principal returned)
  • $20 – $2,000
  • Plan #2
  • 3.75% daily for 40 days (principal returned)
  • $2,001 – $10,000
  • Plan #3
  • 5% daily for 40 days (principal returned)
  • $10,001 – $100,000

Plan #4 is different.  Here is the information about it:

  • Plan #4
  • 140% after 20 days (principal included)
  • $20 – $5,000

Analysis of the LiteMax Investment Plans.

When analyzing an investment plan, we typically determine two pieces of information that are very important to know when evaluating the plan’s merits as a possible investment platform.  These are the number of days it will take for the plan to break even and the average daily net interest that a person can earn from the plan. We refer to this as DNI.  It should be obvious that a plan which pays you an average of 4% profit per day is twice as profitable (twice as good and twice as risky) as a plan that pays you 2% per day.  Unfortunately, the DNI of an investment plan is frequently camouflaged and it takes a few calculations to find out what the value for this important quantity is. 

Let’s begin by determining the breakeven points of all the investment plans.  This is easy to do.  For Plan #1, if you divide 100% by the daily return of 2.75%, you will find out how long it will take you to recover your entire investment (to break even).  Doing this calculation, we come up with 37 days.  So, Plan #1 will break even three days before the end of the investment plan.  Of course, when the plan does end, you will also have your investment returned to you.

If you repeat this arithmetic for Plans #2 and #3, you will get the following values for breakeven points for those plans:

  • Plan                       Days to Break Even
  • #1                           37 days
  • #2                           27 days
  • #3                           20 days

For Plan #4, since you don’t receive any return at all until the plan ends in 20 days, that’s when the plan will break even.

Next, let’s determine the DNI for each of the first three investment plans.  This is extremely simple.  Assuming that the program survives the full 40-day term of the investment plan and that your investment is returned when the plan ends, you can interpret your daily interest as pure net profit.  So, the daily interests for Plans #1, #2, and #3 are the DNIs for these plans.

For Plan #4, since the 140% return includes your initial investment, the total net profit that this plan pays you will be 40%.  If you average this out over the 20-day length of the plan by dividing by 20, you come up with a DNI of exactly 2%.

In Part 2 of this review, we’ll discuss these results of our analysis and attempt to draw some conclusions about LiteMax that will be useful to the online investor.  Please stand by…


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