Giving 115,000 lxr to the Most Active Leaders.

Hooplex (reviewed here) just published an update indicating that they have been online for five months.  This is quite an accomplishment in HYIP world.  However, in the case of Hooplex, it isn’t surprising as, right now, this might be one of the most active programs around.  They hold many conferences, they have translated their promotional materials into many languages, they have videos in many languages, and much much more.

In their update, they also indicated that they are rewarding their most active team leaders with some of their lxr coin.  I don’t know the cash value of these prizes.  However, it can at least be regarded as “money in the bank.”  The update gives the names of these prize winners as well as the prize each of them received.  It appears that this will be a monthly event.  Maybe you can be a winner next time around!

Here’s the complete update…

Hooplex is 5 months old.

Friends, we would like to share with you the good news – our project is 5 months old! This is still a very modest date, we are still very young, but very promising! We congratulate you on this event, because it is thanks to you, all those who are with us, our project is growing and developing.

Hooplex is still very young, and the path of our community is just beginning. However, already now we can proudly say that people from more than 15 countries have joined us! Our community is associated with reliability all over the world! 

At the very beginning, we said we were providing maximum support to the leaders in the development of the project. We regularly publish your reviews, contacts, translate materials into your native languages and much more. As promised, we will additionally reward the top Hooplex leaders and their teams with money prizes. 

It’s time to sum up the first results! Our winners are the 5 most active leaders: 


Wang Ying (50,000LXR)
9561 4251 9503 2653


Kung Labba (30000LXR)
1985 3612 8145 5341


Udaman (20000LXR)
1536 2108 3096 7059


  1. Adi Pratama (3000LXR)
    1384 5784 6025 9731
  2. Panji Samudra (3000LXR)
    6247 1594 9537 2603
  3. Azir mahyudi (2000 LXR)
    1459 6579 7310 8726
  4. Yunu Kusmana (2000LXR)
    9068 6130 3058 3570


Aleksandr Sobolev (5000LXR)
3065 3701 1765 4952

The money can be spent both for personal needs and for development of the structure.

We sincerely congratulate the winners! We thank and appreciate you. On the 15th of each month we will hold a monthly awarding of the top teams. Each time we will raise the prize fund, and each of you can become a winner. 

We remind you that project leaders get support from the company at every stage!  To learn more about the conditions of working with our project, go to the site: 

English –

Portuguese – 

Thai – 

Korean – 

Leave a request and become a leader of the international Hooplex community! 


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