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The MoonShot Investment Plan.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about Moon Shot, we provided a complete explanation of the company’s investment plan.  Just so that we have all the information in front of us as we review the plan, I’ll repeat what we said in that article here:

For the investor, Moon Shot offers one very easy-to-understand investment plan.  It pays 12% gross interest per day for 15 days and your investment is returned as part of your daily interest.  The minimum investment is .001 BTC and the maximum is 2 BTC.  Very simple.  Please stand by for our review of Moon Shot when we will discuss this investment plan in more detail.

Analysis of the Moon Shot Investment Plan.

The Moon Shot investment plan is very simple to analyze.  If you divide 100% by the 12% daily gross return, you find that you will break even in nine days, just a little more than one week.  The total GROSS interest that you will receive from this investment plan will be the daily gross interest of 12% times the 15-day length of the plan.  The result is 180%.  If you subtract 100% from this (because it includes your investment), you find that your total NET interest (pure profit) is 80%.  Finally, if you average this out over the 15-day length of the plan by dividing by 15, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of 5.33%.


Let’s start with the most important thing first and work our way backward.  We usually don’t do this…

With an average daily net profit of over 5%, this is a very lucrative investment plan.  This equates to an average of over 35% pure profit on a weekly basis — which is phenomenal.  Of course, with this high profit comes equally high risk.  The investor will rightfully ask how any company can afford to pay such remarkable returns.  Of course, we don’t have the answer to this question.  All that we can do is HOPE that the administrators of Moon Shot have done their homework such that the program will be able to survive for a respectable length of time.  The investor, however, should think carefully before investing with ANY program that offers investment plans that pay high returns such as this.

Now that the important thing is taken care of, let’s discuss a few details…

First, the Moon Shot investment plan is the best TYPE of plan as you quickly recover your investment as part of your earnings.  You break even in only nine days, implying that, in four or five days, you have already recovered half of your investment.  Remember that you are getting your investment back at the rate of 12% per day — which is very fast.  Needless to say, this a far better procedure that many other investment plans (that we refer to as “After” plans) that do not pay the investor anything (return investment or pay earnings) until after the plan ends.

Second, we have already implied that this is a fairly short-term plan.  Since the total duration of the investment plan is barely two weeks, there is the justifiable temptation for the investor to take a chance and try his luck in hopes that the program will run through one full cycle before closing.  Needless to say, every investor hopes for a much longer-lived program than this.  However, these are the thoughts that are usually front and center in the investor’s mind.

Third and final, there is no restriction on who might invest in this plan.  The minimum investment is only .001 BTC, so everyone is invited.  On the high end, with a maximum limit of 2 BTC, rich and adventuresome investors won’t be blocked out from the investment plan either.  It’s probably not necessary to mention that, even if there were a low upper investment limit, the investor always has the opportunity to make multiple investments.  This is true of most investment plans.  Be cautioned that we don’t necessarily recommend investing large sums of money in ANY online investment program

Earnings Example.

Let’s assume an investment of $750 and see how things work out (I’m using a strange amount in case you would like to follow the arithmetic closely.  You will receive 12% of your investment per day which comes out to $90 (.12 x 750).  After nine days, you will have received a total of $810 (9 x 90) and you will have broken even.  Finally, by the end of the 15-day investment plan you will have received a total of $1,350 (15 x 90) for a net profit of $600 (1,350 – 750).  This is a fantastic return on $750 in barely two weeks’ time.


Moon Shot is a Telegram bot that claims to invest your funds in the cryptocurrency market.  They offer a single very lucrative investment plan that pays an average net profit of over 5% per day.  The plan is only 15 days long and breaks even in nine days.  The adventuresome investor seeking fast high profits is apt to be attracted to this program.  It will probably not be the cup of tea for the conservative investor seeking more modest returns with a higher probability of long-term stability.

I hope this information is helpful.


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