The Lorean Trade Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article about the Lorean Trade investment program, we had this to say about the company’s investment plans:

For the investor, Lorean Trade offers three investment plans.  All of them pay daily interest.  However, two of them return your investment at the end of the plan while the third returns your investment as part of your earnings.  It takes a careful reading of the description of the investment plans to “get” this difference.  The length of the investment plans varies from as low as 10 days to a high of only 20 days.  Finally, minimum investments required for the three plans are all very modest, varying from $10 to $200.  So, all of the plans will probably be affordable to the serious investor.  We will have more to say about these three plans when we review the Lorean Trade investment program.  At that time, we will discuss the pros and cons of the investment plans and try to draw some useful conclusions that will help you in your investment decisions.  Please stand by.  The review should be available in a few days.

Here’s a more complete description of the Lorean Trade investment plans based on information given in the website:

Lorean Plan
2% daily for 10 days
$10 – $10,000
Investment returned at end of plan

Trade Plan
2.3% daily for 15 days
$100 – $20,000
Investment returned at end of plan

Startup Plan
7% daily for 20 days
$200 – $30,000
Investment returned as part of earnings

Analysis of the Lorean Trade Investment Plans.

Let’s begin by determining when each of the three investment plans breaks even.  To do this, we divide 100% by the daily return that the investor receives.  As an example, for the Lorean Plan, dividing 100% by 2%, you get that the plan breaks even after 50 days.  However, the plan is only 10 days long.  So, you won’t break even until the plan ends and your investment is returned to you.  During the 10-day investment period, your daily earnings will enable you to recover 20% (2 x 10) of your investment.  This is your total NET return because your investment is returned to you at the end of the plan.  The same will hold true for the Trade Plan where, again, you won’t break even until the plan ends — in this case after 15 days.  For this plan, you will recover 34.5% (2.3 x 15) of your investment during the investment period.  Like the Lorean Plan, this becomes your total NET profit once your investment is returned to you at the end of the plan.

The Startup Plan works differently because your investment is returned to you as part of your earnings.  Dividing 100% by the 7% daily return, we find that the plan breaks even in 15 days, five days short of the 20-day length of the plan.  By the time this plan ends, you will have earned a total of 140% from your daily returns.  However, this is a GROSS return since it includes your investment.  The total NET return will be 100% less than this or 40%.

Here’s this information is summary form:

Plan                       Days to Break Even          Total Net Profit

Lorean                  10 days (end of plan)      20%
Trade                    15 days (end of plan)      34.5%
Startup                 15 days                                 40%

Next, let’s determine the average daily net interest (DNI) that you can earn from each of these investment plans.  This is simple to determine since we have already determined the total net profit (or net interest) that each of the plan pays.  To the average daily net interest, you simply divide the total net interest by the number of days in the investment plan.  As an example, for the Lorean Plan, you would divide the total net interest of 20% by the 10-day length of the plan to get a DNI of exactly 2%.  Doing this same division for the other two investment plans, you get the following results:

Plan                       DNI

Lorean                  2%
Trade                    2.3%
Startup                 2%

These results are interesting as the Startup Plan, which has the highest gross interest (7%), is NOT the most profitable plan since its DNI works out NOT to be the highest.  However, we’ll discuss this and many other factors in Part 2 of the review when we will try to nail down the strong and weak points of the three Lorean Trade investment plans.  Hopefully, we will be able to come to some conclusions that will assist you in making your investment decisions concerning this program.  Please stand by.  Part 2 of the review should be ready in a few days.


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