Two Languages Added.

Elterro (reviewed here) just released an update describing increased functionality that is now part of their Telegram bot.  They have also added Korean and Indian to the list of languages that their website is available in.

For those of you who may have missed our review of the Elterro program, we recommend that you take a look at it as Elterro is very different from the typical HYIP.  Here is what we wrote in the conclusions section of the review:

The Elterro online investment program offers a single very unique investment plan.  Returns are not tied to the amount invested and the investor can choose the length of the investment plan — anywhere from one to 10 weeks.  Finally, the longer the length of the plan, the higher the return — a definite incentive for the investor to opt for longer versions of the plan.  Returns are such that all versions of the investment plan are profitable but not so profitable that the survivability of the program would appear to be at unusual risk.  With wise management on the part of the program administrators, this program would appear to have the potential to be a long-term survivor.

And, here’s the recent update from Elterro

Introducing new features to our Telegram-bot.

To fully manage the investment portfolio, follow the news, configure the settings in your account, you do not need to open the website, just go to Telegram.

Now our bot can:

  1. Register a new user
  2. Create a referral link
  3. Open a new Deposit
  4. Show list of open deposits
  5. Log in to your account without a password
  6. Speak 10 languages
  7. Show notifications about movement of funds in your account
  8. Withdraw funds

Also, for the convenience of investors from South Korea and India, we have added two new languages to the system.

You can go to the chats by following the links:


South Korea:

Telegram bot:


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