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Let’s begin our discussion of the AGI investment plans by summarizing the website information about them as well as what we determined about them when we analyzed the plans in Part 1 of this review:

Universal Plan
116% after 14 calendar days
Principal included

Convenient Plan
7% daily for 20 business days
Principal included

Stable Plan
4.8% daily for 44 business days
Principal included

Plan                 DNI                  Length of Plan             Days to Break Even

Universal         1.14%              14 calendar days         14 calendar days
Convenient      1.43%              28 calendar days         20 calendar days
Stable              1.85%              60 calendar days         29 calendar days

First let’s remember that all the investment plans have the same minimum investment requirement.  Usually, in order to enjoy the higher returns of certain plans, it is required that you invest more money — take a higher risk.  So, this kind of risk doesn’t exist with this program.  However, risk comes in many different “shapes and sizes.”  Another form of risk is the LENGTH of an investment plan.  The longer it takes for a plan to end, the riskier it is, simply because it takes longer to recover your investment and, hopefully, your earnings.  If a plan should close early, there is greater chance of losing money when an investment plan has a longer term.  This is exactly the case with the AGI investment plans.  If you refer to the preceding chart, you will see that the plans with the higher DNIs are also the longer term plans.  There is nothing particularly good or bad about this.  It is just a little bit different than the most common procedure with online investment programs.

Still thinking about DNI, you may recall that in HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs less than 2% might have a better than average chance of long-term survival.  Well, the folks at AGI seem to have paid attention to this advice as all of their investment plans have DNIs between 1% and 2% which is sort of a “sweet spot” where a plan is profitable but not SO profitable that it gives the overall program a high risk of closing prematurely.

The flip side of the coin from risk is profitability.  The Universal Plan, with the lowest DNI of 1.14%, pays you an average weekly profit of around 8% (1.14 x 7), while the Stable Plan, with the highest DNI of 1.85%, pays you an average weekly profit of around 13% (1.85 x 7).  In HYIP world, we encounter investment plans that pay less than this as well as a lot more.  You might say that these investment plans have a “middle range” or profit — and also the same amount o risk.  In the HYIP business, this might be a good thing to aim for.

Breakeven points for the three AGI investment plans are around two weeks for the first plan, and around three and four weeks, respectively, for the second and third plans.  The lengths of plans are two, four and almost nine weeks.  Possibly, some investors might say that the third plan, the Stable Plan, is a tad long.  However, as we already indicated, this is the risk that you will have to take if you would like to earn the higher interest that it pays.

The lowest interest plan, the Diamond Plan, is what we refer to as an “After” plan as you do not receive any earnings or have your interest returned until after the plan ends.  This is, of course, a risky situation as, if the program should close prematurely, you will lose everything.  However, this disadvantage is at least partially compensated for by the fact that the plan is only two weeks long; that’s not a very long time for a person to “bite his nails.”  As we already indicated, both the Convenient and Stable Plans return provide a daily return that includes your investment as part of it.  So, you are recovering your investment from “day 1” and will break even well before a plan ends.  This is the best TYPE of investment plan.  For example, in the Convenient Plan, since you break even in 20 days, you will have recovered half your investment in only 10 days.

Earnings Examples.

Let’s compare what happens with a $100 investment in both the Universal and the Convenient Plans.

For the Universal Plan, you will receive a flat 116% of your investment 14 days later.  For a $100 investment, that comes to $116, for a net profit of $16.

For the Convenient Plan, you will receive 7% of your investment, or $7, every day. After 15 business days (around 20 calendar days), you will have received $105 and will have broken even.  By the end of the plan, after 20 business days (28 calendar days), you will have received a total of $140, for a net profit of $40.

The calendar day length of the Convenient Plan is exactly twice as long as the length of the Universal Plan.  If you invested in the Universal plan twice, you would have received $32 compared to $40 with the Convenient Plan.  So, you can see that the higher interest that the Convenient Plan pays is significant.


AGI offers three investment plans.  All pay satisfactory returns that are at a level which should not place the program’s survival at undue risk.  The minimum investment is the same for all the investment plans.  The longer-term plans pay the higher interest rates.  Because of their attractive, but sensible, returns, the AGI investment plans will probably appeal to a wide range of investors.

I hope this information is helpful.


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