Pasuruan on June 16.

Hooplex (reviewed here) just announced another event to be held in the Pasuruan city in Indonesia on June 16.  This event is aimed at the new investor.  It will explain how the company generates its revenue as well as the intricacies of navigating their website.  As we always say, meetings such as this are the best place to get information about an investment company as well as to meet like-minded investors.  Experiences are talked about and sometimes long-lasting friendships are made.  If you’re lucky, the food will be good too…

Here’s the meeting announcement from Hooplex:

Hooplex event in Pasuruan: June 16, 2019

Friends, we are waiting for you at our next event, which will be held this Sunday, June 16 in Pasuruan, Indonesia.  We regularly hold introductory conferences for newcomers to give them a full understanding of the project as well as the platform skills.

At the upcoming event, you will learn about the following topics:

– Company profile

– Products : LexeraLXR and LexeraWAY 1.0

– Backoffice knowledge

– How to make Registration

– How to deposit

– How to withdraw

– How to create payment gateway and wallet btc etc

– Career opportunities in our company

Name of conference: HALAL BI HALAL HOOPLEX and PWRI.

Date: June 16, 2019.

Time: 11.30 WIB – 18.00 WIB

Speaker: Hj. KHUSNAN.

                      : BPK mudjiwahono


JL: beautiful pondok dangsud PASURUAN JAWA TIMUR.

We’re waiting for you! Come to get knowledge that will change your life for the better once and for all and bring you to a new financial level!

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