Extreme Volatility Plan Upgraded.

You may recall that WhalesClub (reviewed here) has three investment plans.  In our review of the program, after we analyzed the plans, we provided the following summary information about them:

Flat Rate Plan
5% daily for 33 business days
$30 – $10,000
Investment included in daily returns
Break even = 28 calendar days
DNI = 1.44%

Balanced Portfolio Plan
125% after 20 calendar days
$30 – $3,000
Investment included as part of return
Break even = 20 calendar days
DNI = 1.25%

Extreme Volatility Plan
2% – 5% for 100 business days
$5,000 – $100,000
Earnings paid and investment returned at conclusion of plan
Break even = 137 calendar days
DNI = 1.46%

Noteworthy was the fact that the Extreme Volatility Plan did not pay earnings or return a person’s investment until the conclusion of the plan.  We even pointed this out in the “Conclusions” section of our review as follows:

WhalesClub offers three investment plans.  All of them are equally profitable and have the potential to be long term survivors.  However, owing to its long term and to the fact that it doesn’t pay a return for over four months, the Extreme Plan appears to be much riskier than the other two plans.  The choice of which of the other two plans an investor might use will depend largely on his investment temperament as there are pros and cons to each of them.

Well, it looks like the folks at WhalesClub have woken up to the fact that the Extreme Volatility Plan won’t be very popular and they have changed it in a number of ways.  Most important, the plan now pays daily earnings.  It will also pay interest on weekends instead of on work days only.  Here’s the announcement from WhalesClub describing these changes:

 Plan activation and other news

We wanted to take a few minutes of your time to share details of the 3rd pay plan – Extreme Volatility.

Originally this plan was not active in the accounts and it had a different design from start, but community spoke and we listened, so here are the details of this plan which is already available for funding.

  • Fluctuating daily rate (from 3% to 4% per business day & 1-2% on a weekend)
  • Daily earnings are added to the account and you are free to withdraw or reinvest
  • Deposit Merge Feature (new deposit is merged with previous), this is a catch, really. It helps you build your deposit over time.
  • Min: $100 – Max $100,000

We received feedback from users and decided to act on it, to show that we are open to any fresh ideas. We thank you for your continuous support of our activities.

Please, note that we are also finishing the investment bot and you will be able to navigate your WhalesClub account by using your Telegram messenger. This will be very handy as many users prefer using their handsets .

We ask you to keep sharing with others, stay connected with us by using the chat and leave feedback by contacting our representatives in Telegram or via an e-mail.

All the best,

WhalesClub team


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