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The CryptoCircle Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article, we made the following comments about the CryptoCircle investment plans:

For the investor, the most important thing are the investment plans offered by CryptoCircle.  There are two of them.  One plan pays 5% daily and runs for 25 days.  The other pays .19% hourly and runs for 30 days.  Both plans return your investment as part of your earnings.  An unusual thing about these investment plans is that the payment processors that can be used for the hourly plan are limited.  For the daily plan you can use PM, PAYEER, BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC.  For the hourly plan you can only use PM and BTC.  As we will see when we review the program, the hourly plan is slightly more profitable.  Perhaps that’s the reason for limiting the payment processors that can be used in conjunction with it.  It looks like the minimum investment is the same for both plans — $10 or .003 BTC (and similar amounts for other cryptos).  There appears to be no maximum investment.

To simplify things a bit, let’s convert the hourly plan to a daily one by multiplying the hourly interest rate of .19% by 24 (the number of hours per day).  So, that plan pays 4.56% per day.  I often wonder if there is very much advantage to a plan that pays interest on an hourly basis.  Perhaps it might help the nervous investor who wants to withdraw his earnings three or four times per day.  But, of course, the total that you earn is the same, whether interest is paid one or more times per day.

With this in mind, we can very simply summarize the important information about the two plans in the following way.

Plan #1
5% daily for 25 days

Plan #2
4.56% daily for 30 days

Analysis of the CryptoCircle Investment Plans.

First, let’s see how long it takes each of the investment plans to break even.  For Plan #1, dividing 100% by the daily return of 5%, you see that it will take exactly 20 days for the plan to break even.  For plan #2, the same calculation tells you that the plan will break even in 21.9 days.  Let’s call it 22 days, although, since this is really an hourly plan, the alert investor will realize that he has actually broken even an hour or so short of 22 days.

Next, let’s average out the total net interest that each of the investment plans pay you over the total length of each plan to get an average daily net interest (DNI).  Obviously, if one plan pays you a DNI of 3% and the other pays you 2%, the first plan is the more profitable one.  This is why we ALWAYS compute DNI when we want to compare the profitability (and risk) of one investment plan with another.

For Plan #1, the total GROSS interest that you receive will equal the daily gross interest of 5% times the 25-day length of the plan, or 125%.  Subtracting 100% from this because it includes your investment, you get a total NET interest of 25%.  Averaging this out over the length of the investment plan, by dividing by the plan length of 25 days, you get a DNI of exactly 1%.  Doing the same arithmetic for Plan #2, you get a DNI of 1.23%.

Here’s this important information is summary form:

Plan       DNI        Days to break even

#1           1%          20 days
#2           1.23%    22 days


These investment plans don’t differ by very much.  Their lengths are in the same ballpark — 25 days and 30 days; they break even in almost the same length of time — 20 days and 22 days; and, their profitability is also in the same ballpark — 1% and 1.23%.  Also, both investment plans return your investment as part of your earnings — which is the best TYPE of investment plan because the portion of your investment that is at risk decreases very quickly.  Furthermore, the returns that both investment plans pay are within sensible limits that shouldn’t place the survivability of the overall program at undue risk (please see HYIP Insights #12 for more information on this).

So, which of the two if the better investment plan?

The answer is that it probably depends on your investment personality.  Plan #2 is slightly more profitable that Plan #1.  So, it is preferable from that point of view.  However, it is five days longer than Plan #1.  So, your investment is at risk for a longer period of time and Plan #1 would be preferable from that point of view.  The bottom line might be that the more conservative investor will opt for Plan #1 while the more adventuresome investor will opt for Plan #2.  However, I must emphasize that these plans don’t differ very much.  So, we are splitting hairs here.

Earnings Examples.

Let’s assume a $100 investment in each of the two plans and see what happens…

For Plan #1, you will receive a daily return of 5% or $5.  You can see that, after 20 days, you will have received a total of $100 and will have broken even at that time.  At the end of the plan, after 25 days, you will have received a total of $125, for a net profit of $25.

For Plan #2, you will receive a daily return 4.56% or $4.56.  After 22 days, you will have received $100.32 and you will have broken even at that time.  Actually, since this is an hourly plan, you will break even one hour short of 22 days ($0.19 sooner) — which isn’t important at all.  At the end of the plan, you will have received a total of $136.80, for a net profit of $36.80.

So, Plan #1 gets you $25 profit in 25 days and Plan #2 gets you $36.80 profit in 30 days.  Just looking at these results, it might be hard to see which plan is the more profitable one as both the net profit AND the length of the plans differ.  THIS IS THE REASON WHY WE ALWAYS DETERMINE DNI.  It is the ONE number that takes into account BOTH these factors.


CryptoCircle offers two investment plans that turn out to be very similar if you remove all the camouflage.  The choice of which plan to invest in will probably depend on the individual’s “investment personality.”  With wise management practices, this program would appear to have a good chance of long term survival.


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