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The OctaForex Investment Plans.

Our “First Thoughts” article about OctaForex included a very complete description of their two investment plans.  Here it is:

For the online investor, OctaForex offers two investment plans.  The plans are very easy to understand.  No “bells and whistles” that complicate things.  Both plans return your investment as part of your earnings (the best type of plan) and pay interest on calendar days.  Here is the important information about each of the two investment plans:

Basic Plan
4% daily for 40 days
$25 – $249

Premium Plan
6% daily for 25 days
$250 – $50,000

Analysis of the OctaForex Investment Plans.

Let’s first determine how long it takes each of the investment plans to break even.  For the Basic Plan, dividing 100% by the 4% daily return, you find that you will have recovered your investment after 25 days.  Similarly, for the Premium Plan, if you repeat this division, you find that the plan will break even in 17 days.

Again using the Basic Plan as an example, the total GROSS interest that you will earn is the 4% daily interest times the 40-day length of the plan, or 160%.  Subtracting 100% from this since it includes your investment, you get that the total NET interest is 60%. Finally, averaging this out over the length of the plan, by dividing by its 40-day length, you get an average daily net interest, or DNI, of exactly 1.5%.  If you do these same calculations for the Premium Plan, you come up with a DNI of exactly 2%.

Here are these important results in summary form:

Plan                       DNI        Days to Break Even

Basic                      1.5%      25 days
Premium             2%          17 days


In HYIP Insights #21, we enumerated what we feel are some of the characteristics of a good online investment plan.  If you look them over, you will find that the two OctaForex plans agree very nicely with our suggestions.  First, as we already pointed out, the plans return your investment as part of your earnings.  In this manner, the portion of your investment that is at risk quickly decreases.  Second, we suggested that you not invest in plans that take longer than a month to break even.  Here, again, the OctaForex plans are well within the suggested time limit.  Third, we suggested not investing in plans that have DNIs higher than 2%.  We felt that this is a good compromise between profitability and the possibility for long-term survival of a program.  With a DNI of 2% for the Premium Plan, OctaForex pushes this suggestion to the limit.  However, it is only a suggestion, our opinion as to what might be part of a sensible online investment plan.  So, as far as our recommendations go, OctaForex is pretty much in line with our way of thinking.  Perhaps they read our Insights article when they developed their investment plans!

Concerning investment limits, the minimum investment required for the Premium Plan is quite modest, only $250.  So, the serious investor can easily take advantage of the higher interest rate — as well as the shorter breakeven point that goes along with it.

Earnings Example.

With this thought in mind, let’s assume that you are serious about earning money online and have invested $500 in the Premium Plan.  You will earn 6% of this, or $30 (.06 x 500), on a daily basis.  You can see that, after 17 days, you will have earned $510 (17 x 30) and will have broken even.  After this, everything that you earn will be “pure” profit.  At the end of the 25-day investment period you will have earned a total of $750 (25 x 30), for a net profit of $250.  Pretty good for 25 days!

Of course, there’s another way to get this same result.  With a DNI of 2%, you know that, on the average, your daily net profit is 2% of your $500 investment, or $10 (.02 x 500).  If you net $10 daily for 25 days, your total net profit is $250 (10 x 25).


OctaForex offers two well-designed and simple-to-understand investment plans.  They appear to conform well to recommendations made by EmilyNews.  So, they have the potential for being lucrative as well as surviving in the long term.  With wise management practices by the program administrators, this potential can become reality.  Let’s hope that turns out to be the case…

I hope this information is helpful.


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