45 Days Long.

As you may recall, the CoinExtender (reviewed here) investment plans are all 90 days long.  So, they are fairly long-term plans.  Three months is a long time in the HYIP business where programs frequently come and go in less than a month.  Possibly in recognition of this situation and also because investors might be afraid of long-term investment programs, CoinExtender has added four new 45-day long investment plans to their existing line-up of nine 90-day plans.  Like the existing 90-day investment plans, the new 45-day plans all return your investment as part of your daily return.  Here’s the information on the new plans as given on their website:

2.72% per day
Minimum investment = .020 BTC

2.76% per day
Minimum investment = .040 BTC

2.80% per day
Minimum investment = .080 BTC

2.85% per day
Minimum investment = .160 BTC

Let’s take a closer look at the Rapid Plan to see how these new investment plans will work.  If you divide 100% by the daily return of 2.72%, you find that the plan will break even in 37 days.  The total gross income from the plan will be the daily gross income of 2.72% times the 45-day length of the plan, or 122.4%.  Subtracting 100% from this because it includes your investment, you get a total net interest of 22.4%.  Finally, dividing this by the 45-day length of the plan, you get an average daily net interest, or DNI, of around .50%.  If you do these same calculations for the other three new investment plans, you get:

Plan                       Break Even          DNI

Rapid                     37 days                 .50%
Quick                     36 days                 .54%
Express                36 days                 .58%
Swift                      36 days                 .63%

Looking at these data, you can see that all of the new investment plans break even in roughly five weeks and all of them provide a DNI of between .50% and .63%.  Although there is variation in profitability as you move from one plan to the next, there are no radical differences between the investment plans.  This is logical as there are no radical differences in the minimum investments required for the investment plans.

If you refer back to our review of the existing CoinExtender investment plans, you will also find that there isn’t a significant difference in profitability (DNI) between the two groups of investment plans.  Both groups of plans provide modest (by HYIP standards) earnings that would appear to give the CoinExtender program a much better that average chance of long-term survival.

So, the chief advantage of the new set of investment plans offered by CoinExtender is simply the option of being able to invest in plans that are 45 days long rather than 90 days.  I suspect that this option will significantly increase the popularity of the program.


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