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In Part 1 of this review we briefly introduced the four Nodebay investment plans and then determined when each of them break even as well as what that the average daily net interest (DNI) that you earn from each of them will be.  Here’s a summary of what we know about the investment plans so far:

8% daily for 25 days
.001 – .25 BTC
Break even = 13 days
DNI = 4%

9% daily for 25 days
.251 – 1 BTC
Break even = 12 days
DNI = 5%

10% daily for 25 days
1.001 – 5 BTC
Break even = 10 days
DNI = 6%

10 % daily for 50 days
5.001 – 25 BTC
Break even = 10 days
DNI = 8%

First, let’s take a look at the minimum investment required in order to use each of the NodeBay investment plans.  The value of Bitcoin is very volatile right now.  However, assuming the value of one Bitcoin to be $7,000, we can see that the minimum investment for the VIP Plan will be a very hefty $35,000.  Even the Professional Plan will require $7,000 to get started.  Very few online investors can afford to invest at these levels.  In fact, we always recommend that the investor NOT put large sums of money into ANY online investment program unless, of course, it can demonstrate that is just as reliable as your neighborhood bank or a corporation that you might like to buy stock shares from.  Unfortunately, very few online investment programs are in these categories.  What all this means is that the Professional and VIP Plans will probably not be very popular and most investment activity with NodeBay will be in the Beginner and Advanced Plans.  I believe that this is GOOD for the program as it will lessen the need for it to pay excessively high interest returns and will thereby improve its chances for long-term survival.

So, let’s focus on the Beginner and Advanced Plans.  As we already learned, they both break even very quickly — in 13 and 12 days, respectively.  They also have healthy DNIs — 4% and 5%, respectively.  DNI is average DAILY profit.  Average WEEKLY profit will be seven times this.  So, the weekly profits that you will earn from these two investment plans will be 28% and 35%, respectively.  In HYIP Insights #23, we suggested that the online investor aim at programs offering investment plans having DNIs between 5% and 10%.  We regarded this as a very “safe” recommendation that would steer the investor away from programs offering more profitable but more risky investment plans.  It is always true that higher profits go along with higher risk.  The reason is simply that it is harder for a company to pay higher returns than lower ones.  So, Nodebay  is definitely in the category of highly profitable (and highly risky) investment programs.

Earnings Example.

Let’s just work one example for the Beginner Plan.  We’ll assume what to me is a rather healthy investment of $1,000.  Every day you will receive 8% of this or $80.  You can see that, after 13 days, you will have received $1,040 (13 x 80) and will have broken even.  So, everything that you earn after that will be pure profit.  After 25 days you will have earned a total of $2,000 (25 x 80).  Since you invested $1,000, your net profit is also $1,000.  So, in 25 days, even with the lowest interest program offered by NodeBay, you will double your money.  As far as I’m concerned, this is a fantastic return.


NodeBay offers four very lucrative investment plans.  Owing to the high minimum investments required, two of the plans might be out of reach of the typical online investor.  The remaining two investment plans, that will probably be most popular ones, are 25 days long and break even in 12 or 13 days.  So, the period of time for which in investor’s funds are at risk is less than two weeks — which is quite short.  This program would seem to be ideally suited to the investor who is hoping to maximize earnings in a relatively short period of time.  It will probably be unattractive to the more conservative online investor.


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