They Apply to ALL Programs!

Lendera (reviewed here) recently provided a number of important security tips on their Telegram channel.  These tips apply to ANY investment program that you invest with or are considering investing with.  The most important point of the update might be that you should be extremely careful that you are using the official website of a program rather than a phishing site designed to steal your money.  You don’t think this could happen to you?  Yes, it can and, if it does, there is nothing that you will be able to do to recover funds that you have lost.

Play it safe!

Here’s the update from Lendera

Use Lendera Securely to Protect Your Assets

Don’t Click Through Links

One of the most important tips from our crypto security experts:

Never Click Links

Do not follow e-mail links, links sent from Slack or Telegram. Do not click any random links that are sent to you ever for any reason.

Bookmark or carefully type in the address every time you visit. 

Don’t Click Google Ads

Ads at the top of search results pages have been a common tactic to try to trick users into visiting false websites. This may be a legitimate Lendera ad, but verify that the page you land on is actually If it’s not, leave the site immediately.

Verify the SSL Certificate

You will know that the Lendera link is the verified website, by the SSL certificate in your web browser. This is a protocol which creates a secure connection between a client & the server.

Verify the URL

Look very closely at the URL before you send funds to any deposit address. Some websites try to create fake copies of Lendera to get funds deposited to these fake sites. Check the URL for misspellings, symbols or anything that looks suspicious.

If URL is typed correctly in your web browser, it will read: HTTPS. HTTPS is used for protecting page authenticity & to keep web browsing private.

A Note From Lendera 

We’re aware of fraudulent phishing sites which pretend to be Lendera in order to attempt theft. Unfortunately, this has become increasingly common in this space & we have to be vigilant to protect ourselves.

Stay safe out there!


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