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In order to make our discussion of the WaveRider investment plans easier, let’s repeat the basic information about each of the two plans as well as what we found out about them in Part 1 of the review:

SwiftRide Plan
2.7% daily on work days (for 14 calendar days)
$10 – $10,000
Investment returned at end of plan
Breakeven = 14 days
DNI = 2.12%

WaveRide Plan
5.4% daily for 28 calendar days
$10 – $10,000
Investment includes as part of earnings
Breakeven = 18 days
DNI = 2.02%

First of all, a few general comments about the investment plans:

  1. They are relatively short term — less than a month. Compared to longer term plans, the risk of the investor losing money if a plan closes prematurely is much less.  I believe that online investors prefer this.
  2. Likewise, both plans break even in a lot less that a month — in two weeks for the Swiftride Plan and around three weeks for the WaveRide Plan. Again, for the same reason, this is appealing to the online investor.
  3. As we indicated in the First Thoughts article, both investment plans are affordable and have the same investment limits. I also believe that this feature will appeal to online investors.  There are no huge investment requirements in order to take advantage of a higher interest (riskier) investment plan.
  4. The DNIs of both the investment plans are very close to 2%. On a weekly basis this comes out to an average net profit of around 15%.  These figures are at the high end of our recommendations for profitability without incurring a level of risk that would appear to make it impossible for the program to survive in the long-term.  In short, they push profitability to the limit — while still remaining feasible.  So, with wise management practices, it would appear that the program has the potential to be around for a long time to come.  Of course, in the HYIP business, nothing is for sure, but it does appear that a good deal of thought has been put into the design of the investment plans such that they are both profitable for the investor and doable for the company.

These comments pretty much echo what we have suggested in HYIP Insights #21 as characteristics of a good online investment program.  You might want to check that article for more information for more of our thoughts on this most important topic.

The WaveRide Plan is the optimal type of plan in that it returns you interest from day one, quickly decreasing the amount of your investment that is at risk.  However, the SwiftRide Plan, that only returns your investment at the end of the plan, compensates for this disadvantage in two ways:

  1. It is shorter term so that the “nail biting” period while you wait for your investment to be returned is minimized.
  2. It is slightly more profitable, with a DNI of 2.12% compared to 2.02% for the WaveRide Plan.

So, it might be difficult for the investor to decide which plan to use.  This is not a disadvantage.  It is probably an ADvantage of the program.  Two investment plans are offered that will appeal to two different types of investors. The choice is a matter of taste.

Earnings Examples.

As an example, let’s see what would happen with a $100 investment in each of the two WaveRider investment plans.

Starting with the WaveRide Plan, you will immediately receive a 5.4% deposit bonus or $5.40.  After thisn you will receive $5.40, per day for 28 days.  After 18 days, you will have received $102.60 (5.4 x 19) and will have broken even (note that we multiplied by 19 to account for the deposit bonus).  At the end of the 28-day period, you will have received $156.60 (5.5 x 29) (again note that we multiplied by 29 rather than 28 to account for the deposit bonus).    So, subtracting your $100 investment, your net profit would be $56.60.

For the SwiftRide Plan, your $100 investment would earn you 2.7% per day or $2.70 per day.  After 10 business days (14 calendar days), you would have earned a total of $27.00.  Adding the deposit bonus of 2.7%, or $2.70, you would come up with a grand total of $29.70.  This is your net profit since your investment will be returned to you.

OK, the SwiftRide Plan is only half as long as the WaveRide Plan.  Supposed that you invested your $100 into it a second time, what would be the result?  The net profit from the SwiftRide plan would be twice the $29.70 or $59.40.  This compares with $56.60 for the WaveRide Plan.  Slightly more profitable, but not a big difference.

Needless to say, there are many other possibilities that the online investor might think about:

  1. Invest in the SwiftRide Plan once and then reinvest your net profit. This is the conservative risk-free approach that many investors use.
  2. Invest in the SwiftRide Plan once and then reinvest your entire gross profit. This is the more lucrative but much riskier approach.  This is 100% compounding.

Of course, there are still other possibilities.


The WaveRider investment program offers two very well-thought-out investment plans.  They are almost equally profitable but are different types of plans that will probably attract different types of investors.  The plans are lucrative but not to the point where the survival of the overall program will be put at excessive risk.  As far as HYIPs go, this program seems to conform to the model of a very good one.  Of course, everything depends on how the program is operated by its administrators.  With wise practices, it would appear that this program has a better than average chance of long-term survival.


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