A Progress Report.

EmilyNews began a serious presence online in early 2017.  So, we have been in business for well over two years now.  In this time period, we have made many changes in the way we have operated our monitor and are slowly zeroing in on procedures that we feel are the most effective in carrying out our mission.  However, in spite of changes in operating procedures, our goals haven’t changed.  In this article I would like to provide some background on what we are trying to accomplish as a monitor as well as review some of the progress we have made since we’ve been online.  Let’s begin…

Our Mission. 

Honest information.  An HYIP monitor is in the difficult position of having to please program admins and also having to serve investors.  We attempt to bridge this gap by providing TRUTHFUL INFORMATION.  If an admin doesn’t like what we feel is the truth, that’s too bad.  In fact, we are happy if our attitude scares away the more overtly dishonest programs.  We believe that telling the truth will ultimately earn us the respect of both program admins and investors.  With honest information, investors will be better equipped to make more sensible investment decisions.

Respect.  Even though experienced HYIP investors know that most online investment programs will eventually close, we endeavor to treat all program admins with respect.  When a program lists with us, we will never imply that it is imaginary and, if it closes, we will never say on our Blog or Monitor that the program was a “scam”.  All sorts of businesses fail — both honest ones and questionable ones.  Of course, there is a big difference between the program that closes in three days and the one that closes in three months.  In the first case, the admin was probably only interested in making a few bucks and then running away with the cash box.  In the second case, we would like to think that the admin made a genuine effort to enable a significant number of investors to come out ahead — maybe way ahead.  But, whatever the case, we provide the information and leave it to the you, the investor, to do the judging.  We don’t call people names.

Two important things.  In order for an investor to judge an online investment program, we try our best to provide the two pieces of information that we feel he most needs to know.  First, he needs to know something about the company.  We do our best to glean this information from a program website, even though in some cases there isn’t very much said.  Second, he needs to know how a program’s investment plans work.  Often the profitability (and risk) of a plan is camouflaged beneath superfluous words and numbers.  We take all this apart and lay the program bare so that the investor can see exactly how much he will earn and will be able to compare one investment plan with another— both within the program or within other programs.  We feel that the discussion of investment plans that we provide in our reviews is one of the very valuable features of our monitor.

Simplicity.  We are happy when we encounter an investment program that makes its presentation in the simplest possible manner.  No extra words.  No complicated investment plans.  Likewise, we try to keep our website as simple as possible.  We try hard to avoid many of the “bells and whistles” that can overly complicate a website.  A newbie should be able to enter a monitor website and immediately understand what’s going on.  Basically, the EmilyNews website consists of a Monitor where HYIPs pay to have their program listed and a Blog where we present program Reviews, Interviews, News Commentaries, and an article series called HYIP Insights (that cover topics that we feel are timeless and are of interest to all HYIP investors).  Our Monitor also features brief “News Updates” that introduce Blog articles and that comment on many different things that are going on in the HYIP industry.  We recently added a page to our website called the “Detector.”  Here we list programs that we feel are no longer paying their clients or are on very shaky ground.  These listings are based on feedback from investors as well as on our own analyses.  Listings on the Detector are for programs not featured on our Monitor (we call them outside programs).  We regard the Detector as a service to investors.  You can read more about the Detector in News Commentary #744.

Progress Made.

Every new business starts from nothing — whether it is online or in a rented office space in your home town.  It takes a serious commitment of time and money to establish a reputation and customer base such that you can say it’s a successful venture.  As far as operating an online HYIP monitor is concerned, in order to be successful, you must first convince program admins that it is worthwhile for them to list their program with you.  Of course, they won’t do this unless the monitor can prove it has enough traffic such that investors will sign up for their program via the website.  Investors also have to find the website!  That depends on it coming up in website searches, by word of mouth, and, perhaps, by other means.

We are happy to say that, as a result of months of hard work, we are now doing well.  Many HYIPs are listing with us and our following of investors and visitors is growing exponentially.  Please take a look at the data on “Clustr Maps” at the lower right corner of our Blog page and click on the “+” sign on the map.  If you go to the “Audience Overview” plot and click to get monthly data, you will see two curves that are heading toward the sky!  The top curve is for “page views” and the bottom is for “unique visitors.”  For the last five months, here are the data from the two curves:

Month                  Page views          Unique visitors

Nov                        9,115                     3,213
Dec                        9,647                     3,477
Jan                         12,347                   4,177
Feb                        19,155                   5,549
Mar                        36,792                   8,409

So, you can see that the popularity of EmilyNews is going through the roof!  The number of unique visitors is now almost three times what it was five months ago and the number of page views is more than four times.  Needless to say, we are very pleased with this as it tells us that we are accomplishing our mission.  Both admins and investors appear to like what we are doing.  So, we will keep on doing it!  And, you can be sure that we will be doing our best to ensure that, in the months to come, these curves will continue to aim at the sky.  They are the true measure of how well we are doing our job!

Thank You!

To finish this up, we thank all of our readers — both investors and admins — for the support you have given us over the last two years.  Everything depends on you and we are very grateful.  As always, if you feel there are ways that we at EmilyNews can improve our services, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  Thanks again!


If one of the paying programs on our Monitor appeals to you, please support EmilyNews by registering for it on our website. Thanks very very much!


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