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The Amabit Investment Plan.

As we indicated in our recent “First Thoughts” article about Amabit, their single investment plan is very easy to understand.  Here’s the info about the plan as it appears in the Amabit website:

10% daily for 14 days
.001 BTC and greater
Principal included

Analysis of the Amabit Investment Plan.

If you divide 100% by the 10% daily return, you find that the investment plan breaks even in exactly 10 days.  So, during the first 10 days of the plan you are recovering your investment and during the last four days you are earning pure profit.

The total gross return from the Amabit investment plan is obviously 140%.  So, the total net return will be 40%.  If you average this out over the 14-day length of the plan, you get what we refer to as DNI — the average daily net interest for the investment plan.  In this case, dividing 40% by 14 days, you come up with a DNI of around 2.86%.


First, it’s important to note that Amabit has put together the TYPE of investment plan that we feel has maximum appeal to the online investor.  It is short term PLUS it provides daily returns such that the portion of a person’s investment that is at risk decreases rapidly — in this case at the rate of 10% per day.  Along with being short term (only two weeks), the plan breaks even in only 10 days.  This is further comfort to the nervous online investor.

Second, the investment plan is very lucrative, paying an average daily net interest of 2.86%.  Multiplying this by seven, you get an average weekly profit of 20%.  Although it’s nice to make a lot of money, the flip side of the coin, of course, is that “the greater the profit, the greater the risk.”  We often refer to the article we published in HYIP Insights #12 which suggested that programs offering investment plans with DNIs greater than 2% might have difficulty surviving in the long-term.  Of course, this is only our opinion and we would like to think that the administrators of Amabit have things worked out such that they feel they will not have problems meeting their interest payment obligations.

Earnings Example. 

The minimum investment is 0.001 BTC.  Assuming that one BitCoin equals around $4,000, this works out to a minimum investment of $4.  To make the numbers very very simple, let’s assume that we make an investment of $100 and see what happens.  Every day for 14 days we will receive 10% of $100 or $10.  So, it’s very easy to see that you will beak even in 10 days when you will have received a total of $100 in earnings.  Your earnings for the four days after than (days 11, 12, 13, and 14) will be pure profit, $40.  That’s all there is to it!


Amabit offers one very easy-to-understand investment plan that pays 10% interest per day for 14 days.  The plan is lucrative, but not completely out-of-sight.  With careful management practices and a reliable source of revenue, the program might be able to survive in the long term.  The adventuresome investor in search of fairly quick returns will like the Amabit investment program.


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