Become an “Ambassador” for the Grailum Coin.

Bitboots (reviewed here) just announced that they are looking for qualified people to promote the Grailum coin designated as GXM.  You must remember that Bitboots is only one division of the parent company called Grailum.  So, this is really an announcement from Grailum although it appears on the BitBoots website.  The announcement explains the details of the arrangement they are proposing for these “ambassador” positions.  Basically, it appears that you are paid with GXM coins in proportion to the amount of GXM that you get people to buy.  You are “paid” on a weekly basis, but the commissions paid are somewhat vague (“Salary will vary from 10 to 1000 GXM per done activity depending on the quality of your work, type, placement and response”).  Here’s the announcement.  You be the judge…

Are you our new Ambassador?

We wish to cover larger areas and reach more communities with the words of Grailum coin. For this we open up the opportunity to hire you as our freelance ambassador for Grailum coin.

Work are a paid per job on weekly basis where you send us your report of your activities for review approval and payment.

Salary will vary from 10 to 1000 GXM per done activity depending on the quality of your work, type, placement and response.

Bonus packet

If you after a full one month manage to get a salary more than 30,000GXM you will be honored with a Boottrader package of 25,000GXM in our BitBoots program and a permanent VIP status with daily earning level of 2.5% and commission on 9%.

If you are interested, have a well-placed head and a good English linguistic knowledge please send us a ticket for contact and we will return more details to you.

Best regards,
Grailum Lab Limited
Grailum Limited (UK)

In a related announcement, Grailum also provides some information on the schedule for GXM to be made available on public exchanges (and the end of its availability from them at $1 per coin).  I’ve repeated this information below.  In addition to a timetable, it describes bonuses that are available now.  This all seems a bit complicated to me.  However, if you go through it a few times, it becomes clearer.  If you have an interest in the GXM coin, you should take a close look at this information and refer to the website for further insights.

Countdown has started!

The countdown for end of Grailum coin sale has begun. Make sure you got hold on some GXM before this happens. We provide you with the last update and information of your options on the link below.
Buy Grailum coin and get a 750% value increase
Buy before GXM start on the exchanges and get 50% on top plus 5 times the GXM value plus.

Now is your one time opportunity to be ahead of the others!

Soon as we hit the regular exchanges to buy/sell GXM the price will be set to a fixed price of 1USD per GXM for 3 month. We can do this as we let Grailum work as a normal online payment processor until we finally release Grailum to the trading exchanges end of this year.

From that point the value will follow marked and demand as normal. However the strength for Grailum will be the large community of users already established at that point.

You now have the opportunity of a lifetime to increase your value 750% in few month….


  • Buy 10,000 GXM = 2,000 USD
    • +50% on top when transfer to you = 15.000 GXM
    • Value when hit exchanges = 15,000 USD

How to buy Grailum GXM?

You can buy your GXM from this website using 34 different coins or USD Credit/Debit card.

You can already now run your own private wallet on your computer or server by downloading the Grailum Core (full node) here.

Soon you have your own wallet we can transfer your purchase to you. Alternate you can let the balance stay on your online balance until you are ready to receive.

Starting price just $1


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