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The GlobalOffice Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article about Global Office that we published a few days ago, we gave a fairly complete description of the company’s investment plan offerings.  Here’s what we said in that article:

As far as investment opportunities are concerned, Global Office offers two investment plans.  One is called the “Europe” plan while the other is called the “Asia” plan.  Both investment plans are clearly presented in the website and are easy to understand.  Here is the essential information on the two plans:


1.5% per day for 10 days
$10 – $50,000
Principal returned at end of plan


4.5% per day for 30 days
$20 – $100,000
Principal included as part of earnings

A quick mental calculation tells me that both plans provide a sensible level of profitability that could also enable the program to survive in the long term.  We will review the Global Office program within the next few days and will take a more detailed look at their two investment plan offerings at that time.  However, I don’t expect that there will be any surprises.  Please stand by…


Analysis of the Global Office Investment Plans.

When analyzing a company’s investment plans, we usually determine when they break even and the average daily net interest that you will receive from them.

It’s easy to determine when an investment plan breaks even as all you have to do is divide 100% by the daily interest that you receive.  In the case of the “Europe” plan offered by Global Office, you divide 100% by 1.5% to get around 67 days.  Since the plan is only 10 days long, this means that you will simply break even when the plan ends and your principal is returned to you.  The “Asia” plan is a different story.  In this plan, if you divide 100% by the daily return of 4.5%, you get that you will break even in around 23 days.  Since this plan is 30 days long, you break even before it ends.  But your principal is not returned to you after the plan ends.  We’ll discuss this more in the next section of this review.

The daily net interest, or DNI, that you earn from an investment plan is the total net interest or profit that you earn from it averaged out over the length of the plan.  If we know the DNI of two investment plans, we can easily compare them.  For example, if you have Plan A with a DNI of 2% and Plan B with a DNI of 3%, Plan B would be the more profitable one — but it would probably be the riskier of the two.  The DNI of an investment plan is an indicator of both an investment plan’s profitability and risk.  That’s why it is the most important quantity that we determine when we review an HYIP and its investment plans.  Sometimes it is very easy to determine DNI.  At other times it is difficult to determine as a program might purposely camouflage it — perhaps because it is excessively low (the program is very unprofitable) or it is excessively high (the program is very risky).  Somewhere in the “middle” is what we aim at and we will discuss that more in the next section of this review as well.

But, returning to our analysis of the Global Office investment plans, the determination of DNI is straightforward and there are no surprises.  For the Europe plan, assuming that the program doesn’t close before the end of the investment period, the daily interest that you earn will be profit because your principal is returned to you at the end of the plan.  So, this daily return of 1.5% is the DNI for the investment plan.

For the Asia plan, the total gross interest that you earn will be the 4.5% daily gross return times the 30-day length of the plan — or 135%.  In order to get the total NET interest, you must subtract 100% from this because it includes your investment.  So, your total net interest is 35%.  Finally, averaging this out over the length of the plan by dividing by 30 days, you get a daily net interest or DNI of 1.17%.

Please stand by for Part 2 of this review when we will discuss these results, work through a few earnings examples, and try to draw a few conclusions concerning pros and cons of the Global Office investment program.  Part 2 should be ready in a day or two.


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