How High Will They Go?

Doubly (reviewed here) just posted new minimum investment amounts on Facebook.  As you may recall, Doubly has three investment plans: Standard, Exclusive, and VIP.  When we reviewed the program, the minimum investments for each of the three plans were:

Standard              .001 BTC
Exclusive              .025 BTC
VIP                         .500 BTC

I checked the Doubly website right now and the minimums are:

Standard              .004 BTC
Exclusive              .160 BTC
VIP                         1.250 BTC

These are significant increases over the original.  Unfortunately, I don’t know when these increases were made.

The new minimums that Doubly just announced on Facebook and that took effect on February 8 are:

Standard              .006 BTC
Exclusive              .200 BTC
VIP                         1.500 BTC

So, looking back, you can see that, since the program began, the minimum for the Standard plan has increased by 600%, for the Exclusive plan by 800%, and for the VIP plan by 300%.  Well, is this good news or bad?  You should ask yourself why this is happening?  Why has Doubly increased the minimum investments of its investment plans so radically?

I might be completely wrong on this.  However, my guess is SELF PRESERVATION!  By increasing minimum investment requirements, fewer people will be able to afford to invest in the higher interest investment plans.  This, in turn, will decrease the obligation that Doubly has to its investors to pay interest at a high rate.  And, this will increase the longevity of the program — which is GOOD!  So, although the investor might be tempted to complain about “higher prices,” the motivation behind the increases is to help out the investor.  I look on these changes as a sign that Doubly is making a sincere effort to protect its program from premature closure.  Good for them!


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