Mine GXM on Your PC.

As you know, BitBoots (reviewed here) is only one service of the parent company called Grailum.  And, as you probably also know, Grailum has recently decided to issue its own cryptocoin, appropriately called the Grailum Coin — with the designation, GXM.  BitBoots/Grailum just published an update describing how you can mine GXM on your home PC.  I will not try to add anything to what they have said as this is getting far from areas of my own expertise.  However, if you have an interest in mining cryptos, you might want to read what follows…

Mining Grailum

As many of you already know you can mine Grailum coin from your home pc easy and painless with all the software we provide and a easy to connect mining portal of our own.

However there are still some confusion/questions around the payment of mining rewards how this part work.

Until we complete a new user-interface automate everything we do the payment of your mining reward manually to everyone requesting a status every Friday. We return with a status of your 7 days mining hash contribution, your share of reward and send you a payment.

All you need to do is open a ticket and provide your gxm address used for mining on a kindly notice.

What can I expect?

Currently it’s easy for any small computer size to earn a decent reward mining from home. The numbers looks like a middle performing pc can do around 3000kb/s hash and earn somewhere between 60-80 gxm a week. Of course, this number keep change as number of miners keep change so we can only speak of past observed.

If you have any question to mining Grailum or need help to setup please drop a ticket any time.

Read more about mining

Best regards,
Grailum Lab Limited
Grailum Limited (UK)

If you click on the “Read more about mining” link in the previous post, you will come to the following information on one of the Grailum websites:

Mining Grailum coin

We offer mining tools to any who wish to earn GXM and same time it will help the ledger. You can run your own mining pool on a server or use our mining tools using your own equipment or computer. Either way we support tools to both CPU and GPU mining from Windows/Mac computer and Linux server.

Please visit https://grailumlab.com/gxm_mining.php for details and download of software or https://grailum.org mining portal.

Running your own mining portal is possible from first quarter of 2019 when we have established our own network of users on our own mining pool.


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